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Promotion for Crime Prevention – Codes for Anti-robbery and Anti-theft

  •  In case of robbery
    • Wallet, jewelry, and vehicles are worldly possessions to give up when you face armed robbery. Keep calm and hand over the property to the gangster(s) but remember his/her characteristics. Your own safety is always the top priority.
    • Remember the features of the gangster(s) (such as his/her height, body type, accent and obvious features, and tattoos, etc.) and the direction he/she escapes. Call 110 to report the case soonest possible.
  • Make your objects difficult for robbery
    • Wallets, purses, luxury watches, mobile phones and jewelries are the main targets for a gangster. Make them difficult for robbery. Put cash at several locations. Do not wear precious jewelry unless necessary.
    • When withdrawing money alone, always watch out for suspicious persons around. They may follow and rob you. Try to wire transfer money in large amounts. If you need to withdraw big sum of money, ask two or more friends to escort you, or apply for police support.
    • When driving a car, always lock the car doors and close the windows. Do not place your purse or cash on the seat arbitrarily.
    • When riding a motorcycle, do not place a purse on its front basket, back box, or pedals. Never hang it on the handle but place it in the luggage compartment under the seat cushion.
    • Walk on the street facing the upcoming traffic for your own safety and anti-robbery. Hang your bag across your shoulder toward the inside of the road and place it against your chest and hold it tightly with your arm.
    • Avoid walking alone in the alley at night. If you are approached or tracked by an unknown person, do not stop to question him/her but keep calm and act rationally. Walk toward the place with people or bright light. Get into stores or the police station. Ask for assistance.
    • When picking up your car from the parking lot alone, make sure nothing wrong inside your car and nobody suspicious inside the next car or wandering around. After confirmation, get into your own car and lock the car doors and windows right away.
    • When riding a motorcycle, do not turn off the engine arbitrarily,pay attention to other motorcyclists, keep an appropriate distance from each other, and stay alert.
    • Encountering special circumstances while driving, keep vigilant. Do not roll down the window or turn off the engine. Pick up your phone, pretending you are talking to someone.
    • When returning home late at night and finding unknown persons wandering in front of your house or the stairwell, do not get into the elevator directly. Instead, press the doorbell or phone your family to come down to meet you. If no one is at home, you may ask a neighbor or someone familiar to accompany you home.
  • Strengthen monitoring facilities to discourage criminals
    • Windows with iron grating, dual gates, door peephole, TV intercom, and security systems are good for protecting your home from robbery.
    • Stores should be installed of video equipment. Cupboards for storing valuable goods should be strengthened for security. Civilian-police network system, security systems and safes are also good alternatives.
    • The neighborhood watch groups and patrol teams formed by residents working under the video surveillance systems can greatly reduce community crime.
  • Data update: 2022-11-23
  • Publish Date: 2016-04-18
  • Source: Police Department
  • Hit Count: 2247
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