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Security tips for taking a taxi

  • The taxi you should not take:
    • One which takes initiative to pull over.
    • One whose windows are not clear enough for you to see the inside.
    • One which is weirdly decorated or looks dangerous.
    • One without a business registration certificate, a license plate or clear license plate numbers.
    • One whose seats are askew, which may hide someone inside, or which has seated any passenger.
    • One whose doors and windows cannot be opened easily and whose handles are broken or missing.
  • If the driver is drunk, is not properly clothed, or looks strange, you must not panic but try to get off. You may say that your friend is waiting for you in front of a store or at the next intersection or you may try to get off safely when the taxi is waiting at a stop light.
  • If you feel the driver does not behave himself, you can take counter measures immediately and seek help. (For example, you can seize the steering wheel to cause a fake car accident or force the driver into a mess resulting in an argument between him and other people.)
  • Upon getting into the taxi, you should memorize information related to the driver, including his company name, license plate number, driver's license number, and his name. As an alternative, you may also ask your friends, family, security personnel, store clerks, police officers, and so onto take down the information.
  • Do not take meals and drinks offered by the driver or a stranger.
  • Do not fall asleep on the taxi so as to give the criminal a chance to take advantage of you.
  • Try not to chat with the driver.
  • If you find anything abnormal or the driver fails to go on the route specified by you, you can send out a distress message by cell phone, or carefully wave an item out of the window to attract attention of other car owners or passers-by.
  • Any police station or liaison station offers taxi calling services for your security.
  • Data update: 2022-11-23
  • Publish Date: 2016-01-07
  • Source: Police Department
  • Hit Count: 1645
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