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Outlines for Self-Protecting on the Streets

  • Avoid going out alone at midnight and dawn.
  • Do not walk in remote areas, even as a shortcut.
  • Do not get too close to buildings or vehicles that are pulled over on the roadside.
  • Do not randomly strike up conversations with strangers outside.
  • Do not take the same elevator with strangers alone. If a suspicious stranger is in the elevator, walk out immediately.
  • Stand close to the button when taking an elevator in order to actively control floor stops and access.
  • Followed by strangers at night, do not enter your house directly, instead, ring the bell of a neighbor for help.
  • Watch your drink when eating with new acquaintance of the opposite sex to avoid FM2, MDMA etc.
  • Politely say no to new acquaintance of the opposite sex if he wants to escort you home.
  • Avoid being alone in the following dangerous zones:
    • Stairwell of high-rise buildings
    • Large underground parking lots
    • Public toilets
    • Breakwater or alley with few people and vehicles
    • Abandoned houses or factories
    • Suspended entertainment places
    • Remote areas and dense bush in a park
    • Subway
    • Women, especially middle-aged or elderly country women, should not be richly bejeweled and must keep calm and in control when encountering fraud performances of three-person groups. Not being greedy for money is the best way to avoid being defrauded by con men.
  • Data update: 2022-11-23
  • Publish Date: 2016-02-25
  • Source: Police Department
  • Hit Count: 1908
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