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Outlines for Self-Protecting on the Streets

1. Avoid going out alone at midnight and dawn.
2. Do not walk in remote areas, even as a shortcut.
3. Do not get too close to buildings or vehicles that are pulled over on the roadside.
4. Do not randomly strike up conversations with strangers outside.
5. Do not take the same elevator with strangers alone. If a suspicious stranger is in the elevator, walk out immediately.
6. Stand close to the button when taking an elevator in order to actively control floor stops and access.
7. Followed by strangers at night, do not enter your house directly, instead, ring the bell of a neighbor for help.
8. Watch your drink when eating with new acquaintance of the opposite sex to avoid FM2, MDMA etc.
9. Politely say no to new acquaintance of the opposite sex if he wants to escort you home.
10. Avoid being alone in the following dangerous zones:
(1) Stairwell of high-rise buildings
(2) Large underground parking lots
(3) Public toilets
(4) Breakwater or alley with few people and vehicles
(5) Abandoned houses or factories
(6) Suspended entertainment places
(7) Remote areas and dense bush in a park
(8) Subway
(9) Women, especially middle-aged or elderly country women, should not be richly bejeweled and must keep calm and in control when encountering fraud performances of three-person groups. Not being greedy for money is the best way to avoid being defrauded by con men.
  • Data update: 2019-03-15
  • Publish Date: 2016-02-25
  • Source: Police Department
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