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How do I get a work permit?

According to the regulations applied in Taiwan, it is not allowed for any foreigner to work in Taiwan without a working permit. Foreigner will be able to work only if the employer has attained the working permit under regulations of Employment Service Act. Any foreigner working without the work permit approved by Council of Labor Affairs (CLA) will be illegal. Therefore, foreigners need to be aware of the related regulations in order not to violate against the law.

Some foreigners come to Taiwan for tourism, visiting or studying, but if they want to work during the stay, like teaching foreign language or advertisement shooting and so on, their employers must apply working permit from CLA for legal employment.

The Commissioner of Taipei City Government Department of Labor, Chen Ye Xin, emphasizes that all foreigners must be working with a legal working permit in order to have a safe and enjoyable stay in Taiwan. Foreigners are welcome to come to Tapiei, a foreigner-friendly city. However, foreign friends could receive labor insurance and health insurance only if they have the legal working status.

For the last reminder, any questions about foreigner work permit, please contact with the Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training (Website: www.evta.gov.tw, telephone: 02-85902567), and questions about ARC can be answered by National Immigration Agency (Website: https://www.immigration.gov.tw, telephone: 02-23889393). National Immigration Agency also set up a foreigner-friendly website called “Information for Foreigners” (http://iff.immigration.gov.tw/mp.asp?mp=T001) which provides all information as a foreigner lives in Taiwan. Foreign friends are welcome to contact us in Foreign Laborer Affairs Division (Telephone: 02-25502151 ext. 206~208) of Department of Labor. The following Q&A are for the reference.
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