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What documents must be prepared for the replacement of a lost identification card?

1. The applicant’s seal (or signature).
2. The applicant should present a photograph-affixed certificate or document with credibility that can clearly prove his/her identification (e.g. passport, military service discharge order, or diploma)
3. The applicant shall submit a color photo taken within the latest two years, in which the applicant does not wear a hat and/or colored glasses and in which his/her eyes, nose, mouth, face, ears, contour(s), special mole(s), birthmark(s), scar(s), and others are not covered. The photo must not be modified and can clearly show the appearance of the applicant. The photo must be 4.5 cm in height and 3.5 cm in width, with the applicant’s portrait from top of the head to the lower jaw being longer than 3.2 cm but shorter than 3.6 cm. The photo should be thin glossy, in a white background but not synthesized. On the back of the photo must be indicated the applicant’s name, national ID card number and the date of photo taking.
4. Fee charge is NT$ 200 (Fee charge for the replacement of a national identification card has been adjusted to NT$ 200 since October 1, 2000).
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