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The opening of Taichung Port Sport Park is kicking off by the end of this month It’s free of charge during the test run period

Taichung Port Sport Park
Taichung Port Sport Park

After the Chapman, North District, Nantun Civil Sports Centers opened, Taichung Port Sport Park will be opened on December 30th and many comprehensive professional sport equipments were installed in the center. In order to allow the citizens to experience earlier, the free entrance is planned in addition to some free sport programs for one week from 21st to 27th during the test run period. Mayor Chia-lung Lin said, this is the first in coast line area, but the fourth in Taichung, standard sport hall with the fitness center, aerobic classroom, badminton court, table tennis room and outdoor skating rink etc. to allow the citizens to take exercises happily and keep healthy.

Mayor Lin today was accompanied by the Director of Sports Bureau, Ching-tang Wang, to inspect the test-run condition of Taichung Port Sport Park with Arts Co. Ltd. Chairman Jeng-hsin Liu, Councilors Dien-chung Yang, Li-ming Yen and the Representatives of Deputy Speaker Ching-jiao Chang office joining I together.

Mayor Lin said, the first standard sport park started the test run today in Taichung Port coast line area and will have the official opening on December 30th. He came to check the conditions of the operation of Taichung Port Sport Park before leaving the office of Mayor because this is a facility what the citizens are longing for and firstly built in the coast line area under the budget of more than NT$220 million sponsored by the City Government; also, this is the fourth standard sport hall in Taichung with a lot of functions, including the fitness center, aerobic classroom, table tennis room, badminton court and outdoor skating rink which is also a skating rink for competitions under the sun and blue sky etc. so many young people like to enjoy skating with speed. It’s really a very special and featured sport park.

Mayor Lin mentioned, since the City Government has formed Sports Bureau, Taichung has had 10 Civil Sports Centers, including 3 centers completed in addition to this Taichung Port Sport Park and the others under construction; the City Government has proposed 3 sport halls in the coast line area, including Taichung Port Sport Park under the test run, Qingshui Civil Sports Centers and Dajia Sport Park under construction. It’s expected to bring health, joys and community involvement through sports.

He also mentioned, there are many visitors coming after the opening of the Mitsui OUTLET PARK at Taichung Port and the flights passing by Taichung International Airport have been increased as well. In particular, Taichung Mass Rapid Transit Blue Line will connect Taichung Port area to downtown in the future so he wishes the new City Government team will continue the project of Great Taichung Yamanote after on board. Then, the coast line twin ports sub-city center will be the most popular and prosperous area in Taichung during the past few years, it’s expected to bring huge visitors and business opportunities to drive the underdeveloped coast line for quit a while to be reinvigorated again and catch up with the other area.

The officer of Sports Bureau said, Taichung Port Sport Park is funded by the City Government with the resources input from the private sector; with the professional management team to invest and many professional sport equipments purchased to the sport hall, there are physical fitness center, aerobic classroom, badminton court, table tennis room and outdoor skating rink etc. to provide many different sport classes with the coaches to plan the required and training programs for the citizens. These excellent sport and health service programs with fair price will build up a healthful and happy environment, but without stress, for the citizens to do exercises safely.

Besides, there are many sport studying classes, public benefit programs, health care seminars and sport competitions with professional teachers and excellent sport facilities to be conducted at the port sport park so the citizens will have a good sport environment and more excellent athletes will be cultivated here, meanwhile, these facilities will help the schools to promote physical education and facilitate the trends of sports among the citizens to march to the goal of becoming a healthful LOHA city . For more detailed information of the gyms and equipments or program design at the port sport park, please call to Ms. Chu at Taichung City Government Sports Bureau at 04-22289111 Ext. 51109.

  • Data update: 2019-05-14
  • Publish Date: 2018-12-22
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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