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Great to Have You – Taichung City Government Shares Micro Movie as a Tribute to Firefighters

Thank you firefighters
Thank you firefighters
Today (14th) the Taichung City Government Fire Bureau unveiled a micro movie entitled “Thank You Firefighters” at the “Show Gratitude to Firefighters for Protecting the Public” 119 celebration, documenting the images of fearless, tireless firefighters rushing into burning buildings to save people. The micro movie is complemented by a rather fitting soundtrack to portray the inner feelings of firefighters. “I felt so moved!” After appreciating the film, Mayor Shiow-yen Lu dedicated her gratitude to the diligent firefighters who have selflessly made sacrifices to ensure the safety of the city and its citizens. She exclaimed, “It’s Great to Have You, Thank You!”

“Traversing through fear and pain, sweat and dust mingle under the mask. As the fire alert sounds, emotions are put on hold as we gear up and move out.” These are lyrics from the soundtrack of Thank you Firefighters micro movie. According to the city government, the film depicts the process firefighters go through in responding to a fire, including rushing to the scene of the fire upon hearing the fire alert, jumping off the fire engine, setting up the fire hose, and entering the flaming building valiantly to rescue people.

“Rushing into the flaming building without looking back, consoling the wounded even when their backs are against the wall, the heavy burden firefighters have to shoulder is unimaginable. Having witnessed so many struggles between survival and death, having experienced countless separations, reunions, and sorrows, they soldier on bravely, despite all the sacrifices and contributions they have made.” The touching lyrics from the soundtrack of Thank you Firefighters micro movie portray how the intrepid firefighters brave intense flame to safeguard people’s safety.

The micro movie was filmed by former Taichung City Government Fire Bureau substitute serviceman Yu-no Lai. He commented that he remembered how his hands shook uncontrollably after returning from a firefighting mission, and he could not remember what he had experienced. A senior firefighter next to him said to him at the time “Afraid? Me too! But they are even more afraid than us, thus they only have us to rely on, so we must not think about anything else but focus on the mission at hand with a cool head. It’s a race against the clock.”

In every mission after that, Yu-no Lai developed a new found respect and knowledge for firefighters, because just like everyone else, they are neither perfect nor heroes. However, in the face of imminent peril, they exude tremendous courage and take on the heaviest responsibilities. Consequently, Yu-no Lai chose to film the micro movie about firefighters, hoping to convey their Samurai Spirit in rising to the occasion when confronted by a disaster and saving those who are in harm’s way.

Complete video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=ATeRpU6ST9c
  • Data update: 2019-05-14
  • Publish Date: 2019-01-16
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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