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An Art Exhibition of Monsters and Whimsical Fantasies in Taiwan – Appreciating the of Aesthetics Ghosts

Group photo at the opening ceremony
Group photo at the opening ceremony
Taichung Literature Pavilion will be hosting the "Visiting the Ghost Island: An Art Exhibition of Monsters and Whimsical Fantasies in Taiwan" from May 3 to July 11, inviting Taichung writer Ching-yao Ho to design 9 exhibition areas by drawing inspiration from the artistic theme of monsters and whimsical fantasies in Taiwan, showcasing more than 30 exhibits including monster-related literature, paintings, movie posters, vinyl records, figurines, and monster table games, etc. In addition to 6 free lectures and workshops, the "Summer Fantasy Art Market – Monsters Cooling Off" will also be organized on May 18, everyone is invited to participate in the activity.

Cultural Affairs Bureau Deputy Director-general Ming-heng Huang attended the exhibition opening ceremony today (3rd) and commented that ghost and monster-themed films are in vogue in eastern and western countries, generating tremendous values in the cultural industry. It is hoped that the exhibition will encourage the public to appreciate the culture of ghosts and monsters from a different perspective, thereby promote the monster and whimsical fantasy-related art industry.

Writer Ching-yao Ho suggested that Taiwan has been regarded as an island of incredible fantasies since antiquity, with monsters and ghosts prowling in the mortal world. Over the centuries, the myths and urban legends have become more than just conversation topics but also the source of inspiration for painters, musicians, and movie directors. Whimsical stories of ghosts and goblins have endowed literature and artistic creations with boundless energy and imaginations, culminating in many a masterpiece. In light of this, the exhibition is inspired by the theme of Monster and Whimsical Fantasy-related Art in Taiwan, showcasing artistic creations such as films, ancient books, paintings, vinyl records, and novels, hoping to allow the audience to appreciate the unique aesthetics of ghosts.

Cultural Affairs Bureau commented that Ching-yao Ho is an expert in the systematic studying of ghost and goblin culture in contemporary Taiwan. The exhibition is divided into 9 exhibit areas: Monster Island, Monster Movies, Monster Movie Stars, Monster Music, Monster Paintings, Monster Literature, Monster Games, Whimsical Paintings of Mythologies and Legends in Taiwan, and Monster Bookshelf. The exhibition is complemented by 6 free lectures and workshops to allow the public to gain insight into the characteristics of whimsical monster-related literature in Taiwan. Please browse the Taichung Literature Pavilion's official website for more details.

Cultural Affairs Bureau also indicated that the "Summer Fantasy Art Market – Monsters Cooling Off" will be held on May 18 in conjunction with the International Museum Day. The "Ten Monsters Cooling Off" challenge game will be designed along with the marketplace and coser performances. The first 100 visitors to pass the challenge will receive limited edition monster culture-themed cultural and creative merchandises.
  • Data update: 2019-05-14
  • Publish Date: 2019-05-07
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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