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Leopard Cat Family and Old Horsiver Looking for New Jobs – Mayor Lu Grants Interview and Appoints them as City Mascots

Leopard Cat Family
Leopard Cat Family
As the Taichung flora expo successfully drew to an end, everyone's favorite mascots, the Leopard Cat Family and Old Horsiver, are also looking to pursue an alternative career. Recently, Leo approached the Employment Service Counter to deliver his job application form in hopes of finding a decent job. Leopard Cat Family Love&Life Facebook fan page unveiled the mascots' job application video today (3rd). The interview was personally conducted by Mayor Shiow-yen Lu, where the Leopard Cat Family and Old Horsiver pulled out all the stops hoping to make a favorable impression in front of the Mayor. After the interview, Mayor Lu only had the nicest things to say about them and decided to appoint them as the Taichung City Mascots. Together, they will attend various functions in Taichung to market and make contributions towards the city.

Touched by their gesture, the netizens praised the mascots and congratulated them on their new jobs. According to the Information Bureau, the mascots were suddenly left jobless after the closing ceremony of the flora expo; as the head of the Leopard Cat Family, Leo was very concerned and approached the City Hall's Employment Service Counter to fill in a job application form in hopes of finding a decent job for the Leopard Cat Family and Old Horsiver.

After several days of anticipation, he received a notice for an interview at the City Hall. The Information Bureau documented the interview in a documentary and shared it on the Leopard Cat Family Love&Life Facebook fan page.

In the video, the Leopard Cat Family and Old Horsiver are seen eagerly heading to the City Hall for their interview with Mayor Lu, who praised them as the best ambassadors for the flora expo. She also asked them to showcase their individual talents using gestures and tried to make an educated guess. After guessing that Leona is good at giving massages and Old Horsiver can do just about everything, Mayor Lu came to a conclusion from their earnest performance that Leo is a maestro of agriculture, Leona is a pastry guru, Love and Life are master dancers. Old Horsiver however, has the largest number of fans, making him a popularity king.

"I hereby appoint you as the city's official ambassadors!" After watching the mascots' self-introduction, Mayor Lu was very pleased and immediately announced to appoint them as Taichung City Mascots. When Mayor Lu presented them with staff ID cards printed with "City Mascot" on top, the Leopard Cat Family and Old Horsiver were overwhelmed with joy and took a group photo with her.

According to Mayor Lu, the Leopard Cat Family and Old Horsiver were officially promoted as the mascots of Taichung City today. In the future, they will not only attend events but commit to the servicing the citizens of Taichung by participating in caring for the disadvantaged and city tourism marketing-related activities, bringing people love and joy during the process. The playful video generated buzz among the netizens, leaving comments such as "This is fantastic, becoming the Taichung City Government mascots", "Love and Life are super serious during the interview, how adorable!", "I am truly moved", "Congratulations", "One of a kind Taichung City Mascots", "Excellent! Thank you, Mayor Lu, for offering jobs to the Leopard Cat Family, how touching! The massage made me burst out laughing."
(https://zh-tw.facebook.com/lovelifefamilyclub/ )。

The Information Bureau emphasized that the Taichung flora expo turned Leo, Leona, Love, Life and Old Horsiver into celebrities, and now they are promoted to become Taichung City's official mascots. In the future, they will attend various important events hosted by the City Hall to market Taichung. If you would like to keep track of the future career of the Leopard Cat Family and Old Horsiver, please pay attention to the Leopard Cat Family Love&Life Facebook fan page (https://zh-tw.facebook.com/lovelifefamilyclub/).
  • Data update: 2019-05-14
  • Publish Date: 2019-05-07
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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