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Taichung City Hall Launches Free Chinese Lessons for Vietnamese and Indonesian Migrant Workers on May 19

Free Chinese lessons for Vietnamese and Indonesian migrant workers proving to be extremely popular
Free Chinese lessons for Vietnamese and Indonesian migrant workers proving to be extremely popular
In order to help migrant workers get used to working and living in Taiwan, Taichung City Labor Affairs Bureau continues to organize free Chinese lessons that have received wide acclaim. In particular, the first Chinese class for Vietnamese and Indonesian migrant workers was conducted in March for 51 students; the second class will commence on May 19 and registration is now open. The Labor Affairs Bureau welcomes all migrant workers to sign up for the class, and an appeal is made to the employers to encourage their migrant workers to pursue further education.

According to the students, they are able to improve their Chinese proficiency through the simple, interesting course; in addition to enhancing communication with their colleague and increase work efficiency, they also befriended many Taiwanese people, and going shopping has never been easier. They hope to have more slots for the Chinese lessons so that their colleagues in Taichung can also attend the class with them.

The employers also commended the program by saying that after participating in the classes, their home care workers' Chinese proficiency has improved significantly and are able to communicate with the senior members of their family.

Labor Affairs Bureau Director General Wei-chih Wu remarked that the bureau's free Chinese lessons have been well received by the migrant workers. The courses focus on everyday life themes coupled with lively teaching methods such as Chinese singing lessons and conversation practice, proving to be very popular among the migrant workers.

In addition, the City Hall also established the International Migrant Service Center on the 3rd floor of the ASEAN Square, offering them services such as labor law consultations, employment dispute prevention and assistance, cultural diversity promotion, translation service, tips about living in Taiwan, and tourist destinations in Taichung, etc. from the migrant workers' perspective. The aim is to help ASEAN migrant workers to get accustomed to living in Taichung and in turn, foster a stable employment relationship.

Director General Wu stated that the language barrier of migrant workers in Taiwan often result in misunderstandings, therefore by allowing them to learn Chinese, their work will become more stable and unnecessary miscommunications can be averted, thereby facilitating a more harmonious employment relationship. This is conducive for helping the migrant workers to expand their living circle, making their shopping, traveling, and work more convenient. For information on related courses and registration, please contact Mr. Chen at 04-22255641.
  • Data update: 2019-05-14
  • Publish Date: 2019-05-07
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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