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Taichung Flora Expo Shines on the International Stage – Forest Expo Site and Landscape Installation Art at THSR Taichung Station in Wuri shortlisted for Landezine International Landscape Award (LILA)

The Sound of Blooming
The Sound of Blooming
Taichung flora expo already drew to a successful conclusion, but the expo site's meticulous design continues to be recognized around the world. The Houli Forest Expo Site and landscape installation art at THSR Taichung Station in Wuri were nominated for LILA in the Public Landscapes category, in turn garnering glamor for Taichung flora expo and allowing Taiwan's design prowess to be showcased on the international stage.

Landezine International Landscape Award (LILA) is the most prestigious landscape design platform in Europe. According to Taichung City Construction Bureau, Taichung flora expo was shortlisted for the 2019 LILA in the Public Landscapes category, with the jury panel consisting of prominent international experts from different industries. Unlike other flora expos, Taichung flora expo's design philosophy is to present the epitome of Taiwan's landscapes at varying elevations, and it is also an exhibition of Taiwan's unique flora.

Construction Bureau explained that Taiwan's undulating terrains have given birth to 5 climate zones and the country is ranked top in East Asia with over 200 mountains boasting an elevation of 3,000 or higher. Flora expo's Houli Forest Expo Site demonstrates Taiwan's diverse landscapes to the world. Furthermore, it has combined agriculture, cultivation and spatial aesthetics to simulate the changing terrains at different altitudes; from the Cloud Zone at mid to high elevations to Lauro-Fagaceae Zone at mid elevations, from Machilus-Custauropsis Zone at mid to low elevations to Ficus-Machilus Zone at low elevations and all the way to the estuary, making it the only miniature landscape botanical garden in the world.

In addition, the landscaping art installation at THSR Taichung Station in Wuri utilizes Taiwan’s native wildflowers and grass to present the logo of Taichung flora expo, in turn demonstrating Taiwan’s tenacity and vivacity. At night, the laser lights intertwine with the mist to sculpt the undulating form of the island and the appearance of the mountain and the sea, allowing the THSR passengers to admire the stunning beauty of Taiwan’s landscape.

According to the Construction Bureau, Taichung flora expo is an occasion for showcasing Taiwan’s national strength and communicating values. The news of being shortlisted for LILA encouraged the Taiwanese designers who were part of the program, and it also demonstrated the dedication of Taichung expo organizers. The City Hall wishes to thank all parties involved in the flora expo for its successful conclusion.
  • Data update: 2019-05-14
  • Publish Date: 2019-05-07
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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