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Results of the Open Call for NEF Exhibition Animation Director Chen Chiu-Ling will visit France in the Exchange

Creation of the animation director at Fontevraud Abbey (photo provided under the auspice of NEF).
Creation of the animation director at Fontevraud Abbey (photo provided under the auspice of NEF).
National boundaries are no longer a barrier to animation exchange! The first joint venture between Taichung Film Development Foundation (TFDF) and NEF, the new animation creation organization of France, announced the results of the open call on June 28. The “Game for One” produced by Animation Director Chen Chiu-Ling, was selected by the review board. Director Chen won a price of NT$150,000 for the work and will visit Fontevraud Abbey in France for sharing and exchange with more than 10 top-notch animation producers of the world for one month in October of the year. This is the very first time that Taichung has successfully promoted the international exchange in animation creation.

Director Wu Huang-Sheng of the Taichung City Government Information Office mentioned that Taichung has spared no effort in helping the filming, holding film related events, and international film exchange ever since the establishment of the Taichung Film Development Foundation (TFDF) subsidized by the Information Office. This is particularly the case after TFDF has taken over the task of organizing the “TIAF - Taichung International Animation Festival.” Through the holding of the international animation short film contest, the playing of special topic films, seminars of the masters, and other related activities, animation creators all over the world will gather in Taichung, which opens a new page for Taichung in the participation among the international animation creators and enhancing its visibility.

In addition, the TIAF of last year targeted at nurturing the originality in the creation of short animation, and entered into an agreement with NEF of France for launching the “2019 X NEF at Fontevraud Abbey Scheme.” This is the first time that one animator director of Taiwan was selected from the open call to visit the Fontevraud Abbey, a village which is known to be the “cradle of animation creation” of the world, for concentrating at the creation of work and exchange with the animation directors from all over the world. This is a valuable opportunity and fruitful results are expected through the cross-cultural exchange in the aspect of animation work.

According to Lin Ying-Chih, the Chief Executive Officer of TFDF, the open call for this event started in March of this year with the presentation of 17 plans for the creation of animation with originality in Taiwan. Finally, Chen Chiu-Ling, an animation and illustration creator of Taiwan emerged as the winner. The style of the work of Chen is her sketch work, which won for her several awards in the past. Her debut animation film, “In a Split Second,” won the special award of the 2004 Taipei Film Festival. Another piece of her work, “The Other Side” won the best animation award of the 2007 Taipei Film Festival. She was invited to participate in the PLANÈTE MANGA in 2012. This film was shown at the Pompidou Center of France.

Chen Chiu-Ling has been the art designer of the finalists in the presentation ceremony of the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, the visual effect coordinator and opening director of TIAF, and the animation director of the short film, “Our Film Story” of the Taiwan Film Institute. Her animation work is outstanding in both quality and quantity.

Chairman Xavier Kwa-Topor of NEF was invited to take part in the review of the works and was amazed by the 17 animation plans of Taiwan responding to the open call, according to the Information Office. Kawa-Topor holds that the animation work of Taiwan is really inclusive in cultural diversity. The work of Chen Chiu-Ling won the applause of all members of the review board, given the perfect arrangement and vivid creativity as demonstrated in the work. Fontevraud Abbey is also pleased to welcome the first animation creator from Taiwan. Kwa-Topor also encourages the creators of other 16 plans for furthering their effort for the next time to complete the work. The results of the “2019 TIAF X NEF Scheme” will be posted at the official website of TFDF at https://twtiaf.com and Facebook@tiaf.taichung for inquiry.

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  • Data update: 2019-07-05
  • Publish Date: 2019-07-01
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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