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First Weekend Traffic Control Enforced at Gaomei Wetland – Shuttle Bus Service Enhances Tourism Quality

Traffic Control Enforced at Gaomei Wetland – Taichung City Hall Provides Shuttle Bus Service for Tourists
Traffic Control Enforced at Gaomei Wetland – Taichung City Hall Provides Shuttle Bus Service for Tourists
As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, Gaomei Wetland is inundated with traffic during the peak summer holiday season. In light of this, Taichung City Hall has planned to enforce traffic control at Meiti St.; furthermore, only pedestrians are allowed inside the area, and shuttle bus service has been arranged to take tourists from the parking lot to the boardwalk in 5-10 minutes. Last weekend (13th and 14th), the traffic control measure was implemented for the first time, resulting in smooth traffic flow by shuttling more than 10,000 people, thereby significantly improving the quality of tourism and garnering favorable impressions among tourists. Transportation Bureau of Taichung City Government would like to thank the tourists for cooperating with the traffic control and maintaining good recreational quality and safety, as well as protecting the ecological environment.

According to Transportation Bureau Director General Chao-fu Yeh, the traffic control measure was implemented for the first-time last weekend, resulting in smooth traffic flow, and safety for tourists walking in the pedestrian-only area has also been increased considerably. In supporting the traffic control measure, the Transportation Bureau has arranged free shuttle bus service between First/Second Parking Lot and Gaomei Wetland boardwalk at 10-minute intervals. The interval will be shortened depending on the number of passengers.

Director General Yeh expressed his thanks to the police officers and volunteer traffic controllers for directing traffic under the blazing sun starting from 14:00. He also thanked the colleagues from the Transportation Bureau for coordinating and supervising shuttle services at the bus stations.

In addition, with regards to the citizens' concern including "how do I pick up and drop off my children at the kindergarten", "how do local residents access their homes", "are low floor buses available", and "where are the bus stops", Director General Yeh elaborated that traffic control will be enforced from 14:00 to 20:00 during the holidays between July 13 and September 29, therefore it will not affect normal school hours. Local residents will not be subjected to traffic control, and they will be allowed to pass by presenting the necessary documents to the traffic controllers.

Transportation Bureau suggested that the free shuttle bus service departs from inside the Second Parking Lot next to Zhongyi Rd. (465 car parking spaces and 129 motorcycle parking spaces), and 2 low floor buses are available for disabled passengers and senior citizens. The shuttle bus passes through the First Parking Lot next to the tourist service center (87 car parking spaces and 81 motorcycle parking spaces) and reaches the terminal stop at the boardwalk on Meiti St. On day 1 of the first week of the traffic control, over 5,400 tourists were shuttled, bringing the 2-day tally to over 10,000 tourists, equivalent to reducing the number of cars entering the Gaomei Wetland traffic control area by more than 3,000. As a result, the tourism quality of the region has been significantly improved, therefore tourists visiting Gaomei Wetland in the future are advised to take advantage of the convenient shuttle bus service.

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  • Data update: 2019-07-18
  • Publish Date: 2019-07-16
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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