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LA Chinese Community Holds Taichung Day Celebration – Deputy Mayor Linghu Promotes Taichung Shopping Festival

Deputy Mayor Linghu promotes next year's World University Golf Championship
Deputy Mayor Linghu promotes next year's World University Golf Championship
Taichung Deputy Mayor Bruce Linghu visited Taichung's American sister city on July 14 Los Angeles Time on behalf of Mayor Shiow-yen Lu. He attended the Taichung Day celebration organized by the LA Chinese community to promote Taichung Shopping Festival and 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival. According to Deputy Mayor Linghu, for purchases of NT$500 or more, shoppers stand a chance to win grand prizes such as luxury mansion and luxury cars, therefore all the Chinese expats are invited to visit Taichung to really experience the city's charisma.

Deputy Mayor Linghu attended the Taichung Cup Friendly Golf Tournament hosted by Taichung City and United ROC Golf Southern California at Pacific Palm Resort today (14th) in preparation for the World University Golf Championship to be held in Taichung City next year.

Using Wimbledon as an example, Deputy Mayor Linghu said that besides attracting top tennis players from across the globe, many tourists are also drawn to the UK to watch the matches, therefore hosting major international sports competitions presents an important opportunity for city development and tourism promotion. Deputy Mayor Linghu also emphasized that the success of the Taichung Cup Friendly Golf Tournament is attributed to the meticulous planning of United ROC Golf Southern California President Ling-hua Chen. Taichung City will be hosting the 18th World University Golf Championship in June 2020, inviting players from 170 International University Sports Federation (FISU) member countries, making it a much anticipated grand sporting event.

He pointed out that the competition not only allows players from different countries to compete against one another and enjoy the appeal of golf but also showcases the magnificent qualities of Taichung City, and increase its international visibility. All golf enthusiasts and Chinese expats in the US are invited to visit Taichung to watch the competition and participate in in-depth traveling to explore the city.

After the competition, Deputy Mayor Linghu promoted Taichung Shopping Festival and 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival, and he also encouraged Chinese expats to come to Taichung to enjoy shopping. He commented that the inaugural Taichung Shopping Festival will be held from July 10 to August 18, for purchases of NT$500 or more, shoppers stand a chance to win great prizes including a multimillion-dollar luxury mansion, 2 imported million-dollar cars, 3 high-end domestically manufactured cars, 6 presidential suite accommodations, 6 stylish electric scooters, hotel accommodation packages, and souvenirs.

Deputy Mayor Linghu elaborated that the tax for the luxury mansion will be paid by the Taichung City Hall's organizer, so the Chinese expats all expressed a high degree of interest, saying that they will visit Taichung during the summer vacation to try their luck.

In the evening, the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association of Los Angeles and numerous Chinese expat organizations hosted a welcoming banquet for Deputy Mayor Linghu. Dignitaries attending the function include Rep. Judy May Chu, former Representative of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office to the United States Ambassador Jason Yuan, California State Assembly Member Edwin Chau, Los Angeles West Covina City Councilman Tony Wu, Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association of Los Angeles President Peter Luong, City of Cerritos Mayor Grace Hu, and several Chinese expat leaders. In total, over 400 Chinese expats turned out for the event to exchange experiences in city governance.

Deputy Mayor Linghu presented a speech entitled the City of Happiness – Taichung's Outlook, introducing the investment environment created by Free Trade, High Technology, and Logistics Center, as well as Taichung City's policy on attracting investment.

Deputy Mayor Linghu indicated that Mayor Lu has presented 3 major propositions since she came into office: Positive Politics, Air and Environmental Protection, and Economic Revitalization to transform Taichung into an affluent city. The city hall has formulated policies to draw investment, strengthen international marketing, and the Shuinan International Convention Center will be constructed, making Taichung the first of the 6 major metropolises in the country to offer one-stop investment service for Taiwanese businesses.

Deputy Mayor Linghu further suggested that Taichung will be hosting the Taiwan Lantern Festival, 23rd World Orchid Conference, and World University Golf Championship in 2020, and Chinese expats from Southern California are invited to visit Taichung for bleisure travel in order to really appreciate the appeal of Taiwan's second-largest metropolis featuring convenient transport, diverse wedding photography locations, rich art, and cultural ambiance, and precision machinery industry.

In addition to visiting Chinese expat groups in LA to promote investment opportunities in Taichung, Deputy Mayor Linghu will also attend the 250th anniversary of Taichung's sister city San Diego as well as the 40th anniversary of sister city relationship between Taichung City and Tucson on the 16th. The aim is to facilitate economic, trade and cultural exchanges between Taichung City and its sister cities in LA.

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