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Light Traveling in Summer Vacation – Taichung City Hall Invites Citizens to Visit Gaomei Wetlands Visitor Center

Gaomei Wetlands Visitor Center
Gaomei Wetlands Visitor Center
Gaomei Wetlands has become an international tourist destination and one of the 10 most popular attractions in Taichung City on the Internet. Taichung City Hall has employed a spiral-shaped ramp design to construct the visitor center as if it is gradually rising out of the ground like a gentle wave. The observation deck on the second floor is an ideal location to admire the sunset of Gaomei, the windmills or the evening stars. The outdoor plaza features fiddler crab and shell-inspired art installations and an ecological pond, allowing visitors to observe wetland ecology up close. Internally, there is an ecological experience hall, interactive experience area and ecological education center. Everyone is invited to come to Taichung to appreciate the beauty of wetlands in the summer vacation.

According to the Construction Bureau, in addition to travel information and guided tour, the Gaomei Wetlands Visitor Center also has an ecological experience hall to provide visitors with comprehensive wetland and ecology-related knowledge. Furthermore, the visitor center is equipped with a dining area, cultural and creative products area, while concerts, ecological lectures, and a variety of activities are organized from time to time, offering the tourists a more comfortable, convenient travel and leisure complex featuring diverse functions.

The Construction Bureau pointed out that the ecological experience hall is divided into a panoramic cinema, interactive experience area and ecological education center. Step inside the panoramic cinema, and you will be able to appreciate the awe-inspiring, immersive experience. The cinema displays the rich beauty of Gaomei Wetlands in different seasons, as well as its changing appearance during the morning and at dusk. The images embody the wetlands' unique, ethereal landscape.

At the visitor center's interactive experience area, the Wetlands Knowledge Wall by the entrance presents wetlands around the world and the flight path of migratory birds to the visitors. Next, they are introduced to the development history as well as the flora and fauna of Gaomei Wetlands. In particular, the 3 interactive games entitled Wetland Plants, Dancing with Crabs and Spreading Your Wings and Fly proved to be most popular among children. The application of somatosensory devices helps to cement the image of wetland ecology in children's mind.

The visitors may also take photos at the Memories of Gaomei installation with their friends and loved ones. On the other hand, the ecological education center by the exit hosts various ecological lectures and activities from time to time. The Gaomei Wetlands Visitor Center is akin to a large eco-classroom featuring a diverse selection of interesting facilities fit for the entire family.

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  • Data update: 2019-07-30
  • Publish Date: 2019-07-23
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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