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Taichung Hot Spring Festival Unveiled Conan and GeGeGe Kitaro Tour Guguan

Taichung Hot Spring Festival Unveiled- Conan and GeGeGe Kitaro Tour Guguan
Taichung Hot Spring Festival Unveiled- Conan and GeGeGe Kitaro Tour Guguan
The Taichung Hot Spring Festival will be unveiled in August 18! Taichung City Government specifically mingled the event with comics, COSPLAY and gourmets.

The host of “Handsome Chef” 《型男大主廚》, James詹姆士, will be invited to the “Guguan Hot Spring Animation Carnival” lasted from August 10 to August 11. He will demonstrate the culinary art at the hot spring zone. In addition, Conan and GeGeGe Kitaro will also participate in the quiz. All are invited to watch the animation show, hot spring bath and good food.

The Bureau of Tourism, Taichung City Government specifically held a press conference for the “2019 Taichung Hot Spring Festival – Joy of Hot Spring Bath at Guangu” at The Sun Hot Spring and Resort of Taichung today (August 1). Deputy Mayor Yang Chung-Ying, Director Lin Hsiao-Chi of the Bureau of Tourism, Legislator Shen Chi-Huei, City Councilors Ran Ling-Hsuen, Shen Ruo-Lian, Tseng Chao-Rong, and District Mayor Lee Yin-Chin of Beitun, District Mayor Lin Chung-Hsun of Central District, District Mayor Chien Shih-Chieh of Nantun, and the representatives of City Councilors Cheng Kung-Chin, Chen Cheng-Tien, and Hsieh Ming-Yuan were present. They shared the time with the President of Taichung City Guguan Community Development Association Ou Wen-Kung, Chairman of Taichung Municipal Hotels Association Yu Shi-Hu, Chairman of Taichung City Hot Spring Tourism Association Luo Chin-Chou at the conference.

Gourmet connoisseur Chen Hung was invited to the conference for designing the recipes of food for the hot spring of Taichung. Winners of the “Manga Oukoku Tottori Ken Competition in Taichung” Hsieh Tung-Ling, Lung Pao, Ms. David and Wei Tu, were also present and presented their works of comic strips with Guguan as the theme.

Dipping in a hot spring in the summer helps one to sweat, which could expel the moisture and toxic elements from the human body. Indeed, it is a better way for consuming body calories more easily in the hot Summer and will be good for your health, according to Deputy Mayor Yang. The “Joy of Hot Spring Bach at Guangu” of this year will be mingled with the elements of comics, COSPLAY and gourmets, which will be preferred by the youths. Friends at a younger age are expected to be attracted to the event. This event also echoed with the Taichung Shopping Festival Lucky Draw. All are welcome to Taichung for the fortunes.

The hot spring season of Taichung will be echoed with the Taichung Shopping Festival in timing that “Dipping in hot spring could win a grand price!” said Deputy Mayor Yang. Those who visit and spend at Guguan, Dakeng, Qingxing at Wuri, and Dongshi Farm are entitled to participate in the lucky draw. All are welcome to come to Taichung for their fortunes.

Taichung and Tottori Ken have established sisterhood in hot spring and as sister cities for long time, according to the Bureau of Tourism. Tottori Ken is the cradle of the many famous cartoonists and Taichung expects to fame in story with the help of the reputation of Tottori Ken as the “Manga Oukoku.”

The gravity of the “Guguan Hot Spring Comics Carnival” held at Guguan Hot Spring Plaza at Heping District from August 10 to August 11 will be the demonstration of culinary art of hot spring cuisines. Host James of “Handsome Chef” will be invited to hold the event on August 10. There are also the Guguan Comics Bazaar, Guguan Tours, exchange used comic books for Gashapon, comic classroom, the exhibition of comic strips from gurus at home and abroad, animation movies, and variety show. Conan and GeGeGe Kitaro will be brought to the guests by the “Manga Oukoku at Tottori of Japan” to Guguan for joining the quiz. This is a rare opportunity that fans of Conan and GeGeGe Kitaro cannot afford to miss.

The “Universal Comic Strips Exhibition” will start on August 11 at the mechanical parking lot of Guguan at Heping District. Works of famous Japanese cartoonist Shinohara Yukio (篠原幸雄), Taiwan cartoonists Yeh Ming-Hsuen, Tseng Chien-Hwa, Tang Hsiang-Lin, Huang Chia-Lee, and winners of the “Manga Oukoku Tottori Ken Competition in Taichung” Hsieh Tung-Ling, Lung Pao, Ms. David, and Wei Tu, will be exhibited. All are welcome to the event.

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  • Data update: 2019-08-06
  • Publish Date: 2019-08-02
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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