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"Taichung Hub" has a New Wall! People Enjoy the Ingenuous Presentation of Taichung's Vision and Life Story!

"Taichung Hub" has a new wall! People enjoy the ingenuous presentation of Taichung's vision and life story!
"Taichung Hub" has a new wall! People enjoy the ingenuous presentation of Taichung's vision and life story!
The newly renovated wall! The exterior wall of the Taichung Hub has been re-designed and unveiled today (5th). The new wall has highlighted the city's administration plan blueprint from the sea, land, and air perspectives; and integrated the local features, living culture and key buildings to showcase the wonderful microcosm of life in Taichung. Many passengers have stopped to enjoy the refreshing and beautiful design! Director Huang-sheng Wu of the Information Bureau indicated that the new exterior wall design of the Taichung Hub has incorporated many recommendations from volunteers and citizens. The exterior wall uses the Pixel ART style to present the microcosm of Taichung, which highlights the city's future construction and vision policies. The entrance is also innovatively designed to resemble a "boarding gate." This intuitive and generous design has attracted many citizens to visit the Hub.

Director Huang-sheng Wu of the Information Bureau shared that the exterior wall design has added many Taichung elements and is full of ingenuity. The entire figure showcases the connected Highway 74, high-speed rail, elevated railway, MRT green line, Taichung International Airport and other major roads that pass through key landmarks such as the National Taichung Theater, the Taichung Arena, and the Shuinan International Exhibition Center. The social housing and Taichung care services buildings are also incorporated. Each corner is filled a story of Taichung and conveys the wonderful "Affluent New Life in Taichung" vision of Mayor Shiow-Yen Lu.

Director Wu stated that there are may Easter eggs in the details of the Taichung Hub exterior wall. Not only are the freighters carrying goods from Taichung Port as well as the wooden path and windmills of Gaomei Wetland visible, visitors can also see the popular Taichung Park Pavilion as well as the local famous bubble tea, sun cake and potage noodle delicacy shops along the way. Look carefully and you can see the adorable small figures drinking bubble tea and riding bikes on the Eastern Fengyuang Bike Lane. Interesting figures highlighting the general life of the locals are everywhere, and people are welcome to come, enjoy and tell their stories in their own way.

On Monday morning, many people have passed by to go to work and discovered the lively and refreshing changes of the Taichung Hub exterior wall, which led to the realization that the "Taichung Hub" actually exists here. The people told the city staff that the changes are "beautiful, refreshing, and interesting!"The Information Bureau stated that the new external wall of the Hub has been completed. The internal displays will also be fine-tuned to reflect the city’s important administrative measures and correct the shortcomings. The work is expected to be completed by the end of August, and all are welcome to visit. To reserve a group tour, please visit the Taichung City Government Website Service e counter (https://is.gd/8VEomJ) for online reservation.

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  • Data update: 2019-08-13
  • Publish Date: 2019-08-06
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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