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The Drawings of Hot-Blooded Manga! The Taichung International Comic and Animation Expo Focuses on Interactive Experiences and Showcases the World Exclusive Ninjutsu Levels

Mayor Lu thanked the officials and village chiefs for supporting the animation expo.
Mayor Lu thanked the officials and village chiefs for supporting the animation expo.
The Drawings of Hot-Blooded Manga!The "Taichung City Government Information Bureau" has hosted the "2019 Taichung International Comic and Animation Expo" and exclusively invited "Naruto" next generations "Boruto" to make a special exhibition abroad from Japan for the first time. The expo was grandly launched today at the Cultural Heritage Park and attracted many anime fans to the "pilgrimage" since this morning to experience the exclusive Ninjeutsu levels worldwide and join the fun! Mayor Shiow-Yen Lu attended the official press conference today (10th). She praised the ingenuity of the news bureau team to co-design the scenario interactive levels with well-known curator Yu-Ren Chou that transcended the traditional static exhibition model, and invited anime fans to visit.

The "2019 Taichung International Comic and Animation Expo" will be held today until August 26 at the Cultural Heritage Park (originally Taichung Cultural and Creative Industries Park). The well-known anime group "MarsCat Campus STARRY" was invited to perform their popular anime song and kick off the event.Numerous anime fans rushed to the scene early in the morning. They were eager to meet their favorite anime characters and get a fix for their anime addiction.

Mayor Lu attended the official press conference with Director Huang-sheng Wu of the Information Bureau. Other attending guests include city councilors Su-Chen Chiu, Kung-Chin Cheng, Ting-Wei Lo, and Councilor Wen-Cheng Chen's service office representative as well as Secretary Director Chia-Chun Chen of the Bureau of Cultural Heritage, well-known curator Yu-Jui Chou, and popular cartoonist Hsien-Tsung Chou.

Mayor Lu indicated that as the animation expo enters its 3rd year, the team will extend the good policies and strive to excel further. Since the Information Bureau Director himself is an anime fan, this year's animation expo is different from the past in that many municipal policies have been fused with animation elements for promotion. Moreover, a popular curator was invited to set up the exhibition to transcend the traditional static expo style via numerous scenario interactive devices. The event is full of creative ingenuity and highly anticipated by many children.

Mayor Lu stated that this year's expo contains rich and diverse adventure levels. Participants who successfully pass the levels can get a chance to win a round-trip ticket to Japan for two and personally experience the animation frenzy in Japan. Mayor Lu also extended her gratitude to the officials and southern district village chiefs for personally attending and supporting this grand event.

Director Wu of the Information Bureau pointed out that the theme for this year's Taichung International Comic and Animation Expo is "Adventure Entrance." The event has transcended the common publisher and comics industry brand (IP) boundaries by setting up the scenario interactive exhibition area via the overall curatorial approach. The large lineup of the expo include 16 outstanding domestic and foreign animation works.One of the biggest highlights is the "Naruto" next generations "Boruto" exhibition held outside of Japan for the first time. Fans can experience the "Ninjutsu Squad 7 training" training levels and fulfill their anime desires.

In addition to the familiar "Yowamushi Pedal," "Penelope," "Tama and Friends," and other popular international comic industry brands (IP); the Golden Comic Award winner and finalist works are also exhibited. They include "The Apocalypse Of Darkness Warfare" and "The Great Sorcerer - Li Bai" that were also exhibited in "San Diego Comic-Con International" (the largest comic convention in the U.S.). "Alien Stickers" created by Hsien-Tsung Chou (who gained popularity for his previous work "Origami Warriors") and Golden Comic Award winner "Why Not" are also exhibited in the expo so that people can further learn about the comics of Taiwan.

The Information Bureau indicated that in addition to being fun, great photo opportunities, and interesting; the International Comic and Animation Expo held from today until August 26 will also offer many excellent activities during weekends and holidays. They include international lectures, DIY experiences, anima cinemas, anime concerts, anime markets, and favorite anime free train rides for children of all sizes.

The exhibition area also has many Internet celebrity check in hotspots and provides treasure hunt maps for the event. Upon completion, participants can redeem event-limited souvenirs and get a chance to win a round-trip ticket to Japan so fans of all ages can create beautiful memories during the summer vacation.For detailed activity and latest news of "2019 Taichung International Comic and Animation Expo," please visit the official fan page at: https://www.facebook.com/TaiCAF/.

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