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Counting Down to 2019 Rockin Taichung – Don't Miss Scintillating Performances by 66 Domestic and Overseas Bands

Counting Down to 2019 Rockin Taichung – Don’t Miss Scintillating Performances by 66 Domestic and Overseas Bands
Counting Down to 2019 Rockin Taichung – Don’t Miss Scintillating Performances by 66 Domestic and Overseas Bands

2019 Rockin Taichung will kick off at the Wenxin Forest Park and Fulfillment Amphitheatre on September 7 and 8, featuring performances by 66 domestic and international bands including EggPlantEgg (winner of 2 Golden Melody Awards last year), Bisiugroup (shortlisted for Golden Melody Awards this year), Flesh Juicer, Vast&Hazy, as well as well-known Taiwanese bands 831, Cosmos People, and The Chairman. In addition, bands from 11 countries taking to the stage include Tamaki Shingo (Japan), LiveYubin (Korea), District 105 (Vietnam), and EBOLA (Thailand), bringing diverse genres for rock fans!

According to Information Bureau Director General Huang-sheng Wu, he is pleased to be able to invite so many outstanding bands from Taiwan. Besides EggPlantEgg, the winner of Best Hokkien Album and Best New Artist at the Golden Melody Awards last year, other bands invited also include Bisiugroup (shortlisted for Best Band, Best New Artist, and Best Album Design at the Golden Melody Awards this year), Flesh Juicer (shortlisted for Best Band), and Vast&Hazy (shortlisted for Best Group).

Director General Wu pointed out that Rockin Taichung is not only for the citizens of Taichung but also the world. In addition to Asian bands from Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Australian and British bands have also been invited. Meanwhile, outstanding school or amateur bands were also selected to perform on the stage in an attempt to offer music enthusiasts with a diversified concert experience. In the future, the city hall will place more emphasis on cultivating pop music talents by nurturing the local pop music industry, so that aspiring musicians will be given an opportunity to be heard by the world.

The Information Bureau commented that this year's Rockin Taichung boasts an impressive lineup including Mixer, Bike, and Hai Nuo Yin, serving as icing on the cake for this year's performance. In terms of the overseas band, numerous bands from Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, UK, and Australia will be participating in Rockin Taichung, stimulating exciting sparks of musical creations. For more 2019 Rockin Taichung-related information, please refer to the official FB fan page (https://www.facebook.com/RockInTaichungMusicFestival/).

The complete list of 66 bands taking to the stage at Rockin Taichung unveiled by the Information Bureau consists of:
September 7: The Chairman ft. A Jiang/ Play.Goose(JP)/Mixer/Sorry Youth/ EBOLA(TH)/Flesh Juicer/ Vast & Hazy/ BOXING/ ROACH(JP)/ Tamaki Shingo(JP)/ ARVAN(MY) /Truth Be Known(SG)/P!SCO/Burning Island/The Last Punch/Zenith(MAC)/ District 105(VN)/The sulis club(HK)/Thick Big Band/ Pleiades/ Black Radio Party/BIKE/Human hart/The Roaming Soul/MasterBating/ Break One's All/ EggPlantEgg
September 8: 831/TOLAKU/ Cosmos People/TRASH/ Bisiugroup/ DICKPUNKS(KR)/Mamas Gun(UK)/ Wen-Chiang Liao/ The Village Armed Youth Band/ Empty Orio/Bentham(JP)/MIX MARKET (JP) /LiveYubin (KR)/ GUYZ(KR, JP)/ OBSESS/Zenkwun/Youthbanana/City Parts Party/ Hai Nuo Yin/John, Don’t Change Me!/Shallow Levee/Sunset Samurai/Iron Punch/Independent Race/Pacers/ARCPLG/ SHOOT UP/Suck the Air/Iron Horn/BahTsangKak/ Amphibious/Hercules/ 21st Century Bored Guys/ Old Slut Distortion/Pushen

  • Data update: 2019-08-26
  • Publish Date: 2019-08-21
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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