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Where to Go for the National Day Long Weekend? Guangfu Village Launches a Whole Host of Activities for October

Double Tenth Celebration@Guangfu Village will be held from now until October 31 at the Guangfu Village in Wufeng.
Double Tenth Celebration@Guangfu Village will be held from now until October 31 at the Guangfu Village in Wufeng.
In celebrating the birthday of the Republic of China, the "Double Tenth Celebration@Guangfu Village" event will be held at the Zhaixing Villa Start-Up Hub in Guangfu Village, Wufeng from now until October 31. A diverse array of cultural and creative activities and experiential courses will be organized; by making a purchase of any amount while wearing clothes featuring the colors of red, white, or blue, you will receive a National Flag Postcard. Everyone is welcome to come to Guangfu Village during the holidays.
Guangfu Village in Wufeng is a key youth start-up hub supported by the Taichung City Labor Affairs Bureau in recent years. It not only allows the youths to unleash their vibrant cultural creativity but the red brick buildings and verdant surroundings in the village are also popular scenic destinations for online celebrities and wedding photographers.
According to the Labor Affairs Bureau, the Double Tenth Celebration@Guangfu Village event is designed by star-plucking youths, inviting citizens to bring their friends to visit Guangfu Village in October, which will be decorated in a sea of flags, where visitors can enjoy tea, read books, aromatic coffee, cat-themed coffee and croissant under the tree. Alternatively, they can experience DIY activities such as aiyu jelly preparation, lollipop crochet, cement pot plant, and henna tattoo, etc. Furthermore, there are numerous exciting busker and band performances including guitar, singing, African drum, and Chinese flute.
The Labor Affairs Bureau indicated that citizens are welcome to come to the Guangfu Village dressed in clothes that resemble the image of the national flag in order to celebrate the Republic of China's birthday! After receiving the unique postcard, they may leave a message on the reverse side and hang it next to a flag in Guangfu Village. The postcards will be collected and mailed together after the event is over. For more information, please refer to Double Tenth Celebration@Guangfu Village's event link (https://reurl.cc/drGLmM), Guangfu Village official Facebook fan page (https://reurl.cc/M7Z9A4), or contact Guangfu Village Youth Start-up Service Center (0966-523671).

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  • Data update: 2019-10-14
  • Publish Date: 2019-10-07
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