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Double Enjoyment! Parent-Child Music Festival and Dance Carnival Kick-Off on November 2

Information Bureau convenes a press conference
Information Bureau convenes a press conference
2019 Taichung Parent-Child Music Festival will be held at the Summer Green Park on November 2 and 3, in addition to music performance, cultural and creative market, family amusement facilities, challenge games, YOYO dance-along, the hugely popular Korean cartoon character Robocar Poli will also be appointed as the event ambassador. Furthermore, the Taichung International Dance Carnival will take place on November 2 at a nearby venue, featuring exciting dance performance and parade. This weekend, citizens of Taichung will be able to enjoy 2 different events in one trip, thereby exposing their children to unique artistic performances!
Taichung City Information Bureau held the Taichung Parent-Child Music Festival press conference today (October 14), and Deputy Mayor Chiung-ying Yang said during her speech that this year's parent-child music festival combines challenge games, music, and dance, and Robocar Poli will also be there to celebrate the festival with parents and their children at the Summer Green Park!
According to Information Bureau Director-General Kuo-wei Huang, last year's inaugural parent-child music festival saw the participation of about 10,000 people, and this year's event will be very special; besides challenge games, cultural and creative market, and 15 performance groups, the music festival will be held in conjunction with the dance carnival, therefore, parents and their children can attend 2 activities at the same time. It is hoped that this year's event arrangement will attract more citizens!
Information Bureau commented that performance groups including Indigenous Dance, Cultural and Art Troupe, Cube Art, Choco Lava Vocal Band, Clown Mime Group, and Sheng-Wu-Chou Puppet Troupe will be invited for this year's parent-child music festival. Meanwhile, the dance carnival will take place in the surround roads in the form of parade and dance.
For the parent-child music festival, the cartoon character Robocar Poli will be making an appearance as the event's ambassador under license from Korea to interact with children. There will be Robocar Poli-themed art installations and backdrops at the scene, while 4 main characters from Robocar Poli will bring about singing and dance performance on the second day. For event information, please refer to the Facebook fan page (https://bit.ly/2MAcY5U).
Deputy Mayor Chiung-ying Yan, Information Bureau Director-General Kuo-wei Huang, Legal Affairs Bureau Director-General Shan-chih Li, and Sports Bureau Director-General Yu-jui Li all turned out for today's press conference was convened at the Taichung City Hall on Taiwan Boulevard.

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  • Data update: 2019-10-22
  • Publish Date: 2019-10-17
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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