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Going to the Mountains for Peach and Tea Tasting in the Summer! Launching the Lishan "Forest" Life Festival on 7/31

  • Date: 2020-07-27
  • Issued by: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
Going to the Mountains for Peach and Tea Tasting in the Summer! Launching of the Lishan "Forest" Life Festival on 7/31

"The 2020 Lishan Forest Life Festival at the Hometown of Peaches, Lishan" will be launched on July 31st. The Best Vocal Bend of the Golden Melody Awards, Bei Yuan Mountain Cat, was invited to the Festival to perform and peach testing, fun games, lucky draws and promotional events of peaches will be provided. Deputy Mayor of Taichung, Bruce Linghu, today (the 22nd) attended the press conference to promote quality agricultural produce of high mountain tea and peaches of Lishan and invited visitors to go on a vacation in Lishan during the summer vacation to enjoy indigenous Atayal dancing and music and beautiful sceneries. Without going abroad, visitors can enjoy the world-class landscape.

According to Deputy Mayor Linghu, this April, he inspected agricultural losses in Lishan and on his way, he also visited Lishan Guest House and Fushoushan Farm Garden and the beautiful sceneries in the area. He also mentioned that Heping District occupies more than half of the area of Taichung. With a fewer population, on this beautiful land, Lishan peaches have been carefully cultivated and improved to meet the international top standards. High mountain tea of Lishan has been known for its aroma and mild taste and was nicknamed as "Official Tea." Lishan has beautiful sceneries and rich produce and all visitors are welcome to visit the Heping tourism area and taste special agricultural produce during the Taichung Shopping Festival.

Acting District Director of Heping, Ku Chi-Wei, said this year, Heping District continues its market brand position of "the peach hometown in Lishan" to deepen its awareness and marketing efforts to build its exclusive peach brand image. The Office would like to promote five-star Lishan peaches with the largest cultivation area and accounting for almost 50% of the national production volume to every corner of Taiwan. Additionally, this year, the Office works with 48 stores of Taiwan Fresh Supermarket in Taiwan to put Lishan peaches on the shelves for the shopping convenience of consumers.

Acting District Director Ku mentioned that at present about 462-hectares of peaches are cultivated including species of Shanghai, New Hakuho, Otama Hakuho, Nakatsu White Peach and Batsch with a sweetness level of 13 and up, fresh texture and juicy taste. After getting ripe, peaches are aromatic. Its production season starts from the end of June to the middle of August. Lishan tea in Heping District reaches the annual production volume of 280 tons growing at the highlands between 1,800 and 2,500 meters above sea level. The unique geographical environment helps to develop the best cultivation environment for tea trees. Thus, tea leaves cultivated here are soft, thick and contain high pectin. The fermented tea has fresh and dark green color to make honey and yellowish tea with great aroma and a fruity and mild taste.

According to the introduction of Acting Mayor Ku, serial events of the "2020 Lishan Forest Life Festival at the Hometown of Peach, Lishan" will be launched on the 31st and on the first day, at the square in front of the Lishan Guest House, "the Indigenous Music Concert" will be held by inviting the Best Vocal Bend of the Golden Melody Awards, Bei Yuan Mountain Cat and local performing groups to present wonderful programs. Peach dishes, fun games, lucky draws and peach promotion events are also launched. For more information, please contact the event team at 04-23728865 or visit the official Fanpage of the event (https://www.facebook.com/lisanpeach/).

Director General of Agriculture Bureau, Tsai Ching-Chiang and Councilmen Ran Ling-Hsuan, Chiou Su-Chen, Chen Cheng-Tian, and Liu Shi-Chou attended today's press conference. Representatives from service teams of Legislator Johnny Chiang and Councilman Chiang Chou-Kuo also presented.

  • Date : 2020-07-22
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