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Line 53 and 800 Bus Services to Transit to Taichung MRT since 4/26

Green 1 Electric Bus
Green 1 Electric Bus
The Green Line of Taichung MRT will begin its operations on April 25th. To maximize effectiveness of transportation resources, the Taichung City Government Transportation Bureau planned five bus lines along the MRT and adjusted routes and stops of ten bus lines. Since April 26th, the overlapped bus lines 800 and 55 with the MRT will be substantially adjusted and changed. Their route name will be started with "Green" and these buses will be renumbered to "Green 1" for Line 800 with the same departure and terminal stops while Line 53 will be adjusted into two sections: "Green 2" for the north section and "Green 3" for the south section. Transformation of MRT transit buses are expected to improve utilization rate of mass transportation.
According to the Bureau, Line 800 that connects the "MRT Beitun Terminal Station-Renyo Parking Lot" was originally planned to be a pioneer bus of the MRT Green Line by only stopping at several stops where it overlapped with the MRT Green Line route. After the official operations of the MRT Green Line, its phased mission was completed. The route is now renumbered to Green 1 and for sections being adjusted, buses will run to Hanko Rd. and Datun Rd and stop at the existing bus stops. Line 53 traveling the "Taiyuan Station- Provincial Consultative Council" will run along Wenxin Rd. and Wenxin South Rd. that largely overlapped with the MRT Green Line and therefore, the route will be cut into Green 2 "Taiyuan Station-MRT Wenxin Forest Park" and Green 3 "Taichung City Council- Provincial Consultative Council" for better operating efficiency.
Director General Yeh Chao-Fu pointed out that the MRT Green Line travels to Sungzhu Rd., Beitun Rd. Wenxin Rd. and Jianguo North Rd. where parallel and vertical bus services are available for the public. Additionally, three strategies were planned for a comprehensive checkup of bus lines along the MRT Green Line including new route planning, minor adjustment and major changes of existing bus routes largely overlapped with the Green Line to strengthen transit services of buses to the MRT Green Line.
Furthermore, the Bureau developed new bus routes to connect with the MRT in the new Re-development Zone, the Shunan Trade and Economic Park, the Precision Machinery Innovation Technology Park and a minor adjustment was conducted to existing bus routes to shorten the walking distance to bus stops. For bus routes largely overlapping with the MRT, they are cut into sections for running to adjacent roads for multiplying effectiveness of bus and MRT rides.
Director General Yeh further said, since their operation, many people have ridden on these buses running on Line 53 and 800. By adjusting the bus routes, public transportation will be effectively connected to avoid repeated resource inputs in both MRT and buses and will strengthen connection to the MRT. After the official operation of the MRT Green Line begins, rolling reviews will be continuously conducted to address the riding needs of the public and for a more efficient bus network for the provision of more convenient public transportation services.

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  • Data update: 2021-04-19
  • Publish Date: 2021-04-13
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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