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Taichung New Landmark! The entire building of Shopping Park LaLaport in the East District of Mitsui Group opened. Deputy Mayor Wang: welcome to invest in Taichung!

Taichung New Landmark-The entire building of Shopping Park LaLaport in the East District of Mitsui Group opened-Deputy Mayor Wang-welcome to invest in Taichung!
Taichung New Landmark-The entire building of Shopping Park LaLaport in the East District of Mitsui Group opened-Deputy Mayor Wang-welcome to invest in Taichung!
The entire Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport building has opened! On the 16th, Yu-Min Wang, Deputy Mayor of Taichung City, represented Mayor Shiow-Yen Lu at the opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony of Shopping Park LaLaport in the East District of Mitsui Group. "LaLaport has become a new landmark in Taichung! " According to Deputy Mayor Wang, this is the first branch of the LaLaport brand of Mitsui Group in Taiwan and the largest parent-child shopping mall in Taiwan. The government expects to create 2500 job opportunities. She emphasized that this new landmark in the East District has promoted prosperity and revitalization, driven huge crowds and business opportunities, and overturned the old city economy.

Deputy Mayor Wang expressed that the opening of the entire Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport building today is another piece of great news for the residents of the East District, following the launch of Dazhi Road, and it will bring new vitality to the district's economy. She indicated that the Mitsui Group announced it would increase its investment in the East District following the Mitsui Outlet Park Taichung Port. Then the city government immediately established an inter-bureau special task force to assist in administrative procedures such as urban design review, traffic impact assessment, and building permit acquisition. When the construction industry faced a century-old job shortage, the city government immediately assisted Mitsui Group in applying for foreign construction labor from the Ministry of Labor to urge the successful completion of the Lalaport project. It has demonstrated the determination of the city government to welcome enterprises to invest in Taichung!

Deputy Mayor Wang also mentioned the government had made significant progress in various infrastructures, such as the Taichung International Convention and Exhibition Center and Museumbrary since Mayor Lu took office. Besides, the government holds Taichung Shopping Festival every year, attracting people from surrounding counties and cities to shop. The department store retail industry sees business opportunities and has installed forces in Taichung. For example, there will be Hanshin Intercontinental Mall and Kuang San SOGO High-speed Rail Entertainment Shopping Mall in the future. Enterprises are welcome to invest in Taichung, and the city government will fully assist in promoting investment implementation.

Masanobu Komoda, Chairman of the Board of Mitsui Fudosan Shogyo Management, expressed his gratitude to Taiwan Sugar Corporation for this rare investment opportunity, as well as the kind support and assistance from Deputy Mayor Wang and colleagues from the city government. It is the first LaLaport in Taiwan. The design concept of the North Building comes from the green Yongquan Park, whose primary color is green. The South Building is in line with the history and culture of the region, with the red bricks and tiles of the Jianguo Market as the primary color. The two buildings have different themes but maintain a sense of unity. There are about 300 stores in the South and North Buildings. Besides Japanese brands, some stores have come to Taiwan for the first time. The food court consists of Japanese and local cuisine. Additionally, an overseas supermarket has opened its doors for the first time, aiming to contribute to the further development of Taichung and the East District.

The Economic Development Bureau explained LaLaport in the East District is the largest parent-child shopping mall in Taiwan, only a 6-minute walk from Taichung Railway Station, with more than 20000 square meters of shop area. The two buildings have introduced a total of 300 stores. The South Building revolves around large shops and exotic cuisine. The North Building mainly focuses on small and medium-sized and diversified brands. Especially on the food court, which gathers welcome cuisine from all over Japan. Since its trial operation, it has attracted numerous consumers who eagerly visit to experience the diverse culinary offerings.

The Economic Development Bureau added the North and South Buildings of LaLaport put into operation, respectively, on January 17th and April 27th of this year, attracting a surge of consumers from surrounding counties and cities through the two buildings' combination. After the opening of LaLaport today, it will promote the development of the Jianguo Market in the East District, Empire Sugar Factory, and the surrounding area of Taichung Station. And connect the surrounding TAROKO Mall and Showtime Live Taichung Station Store, shaping emerging department store settlements and driving a wave of tourist consumption in other counties and cities.
  • Data update: 2023-05-25
  • Publish Date: 2023-05-19
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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