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Major Transportation Boost for Taichung! Groundbreaking on Shizheng Road Extension Project Package 2, Mayor Lu: Driving Central Taiwan's Industrial Development

Major transportation boost for Taichung! Groundbreaking on Shizheng Road Extension Project Package 2, Mayor Lu: Driving Central Taiwan's industrial development
Major transportation boost for Taichung! Groundbreaking on Shizheng Road Extension Project Package 2, Mayor Lu: Driving Central Taiwan's industrial development

The long-awaited Shizheng Road Extension Project - Package 2 (from Anhe Road to Huanzhong Road) in Taichung City has finally reached a milestone. After a thorough review of the bidding details by the Construction Bureau and Taichung City Government and efforts to attract bids, the project successfully secured the contract at the end of last year. Today (31st), a groundbreaking ceremony was held, marking the commencement of the project, which will involve an investment exceeding 5.1 billion NTD and is projected to be completed by the end of 2026. Mayor Lu Hsiu-yen, overseeing the ceremony, said that upon its completion, the project will effectively improve traffic flow along Taiwan Boulevard and surrounding roads in the industrial areas, offering residents a more convenient transportation network. Furthermore, it will establish connections between the 7th Redevelopment Zone and the industrial areas, fostering industrial growth in Taichung.

Mayor Lu highlighted that this project, extending Shizheng Road into the industrial areas, will bring three significant advantages upon completion. Firstly, it will ease the traffic congestion on Taiwan Boulevard. Secondly, being close to four major industrial parks, including Taichung Industrial Park, Central Taiwan Science Park, Shuinan Economic and Trade Park, and Taichung Precision Machinery Park, it will aid in the transportation of people, goods, and logistics, fostering Taichung's economic growth. Thirdly, the Blue Line of Taichung Metro has obtained approval for construction, and it could potentially affect the main route of Taiwan Boulevard during its construction phase. However, this extension road can serve as a supportive measure, reducing the impacts of the construction and acting as a temporary replacement.

Embracing the ethos of "start what can't be started, finish what can't be finished," Mayor Lu said the longstanding plan of extending Huanzhong Road to the industrial areas has been part of the urban agenda since 2005. However, various obstacles such as high costs, divergent opinions, and engineering complexities have impeded progress over the years. Despite these challenges, the city government resolved to push forward. Thanks to landowner cooperation, budgetary support from the council, and the diligent efforts of the Construction Bureau, this significant road development in Taichung is finally underway. The first package, which commenced earlier, is expected to wrap up in the first quarter of next year, while the second package is slated for completion by the end of 2025.

As Mayor Lu outlined, the Shizheng Road Extension Project entails a substantial cost of 7.4 billion NTD. Despite receiving a 2.4 billion NTD subsidy from the central government, the city government still has to raise 5 billion NTD. With potential further expenses due to global inflation, the project greatly strained the local government’s finances. Moreover, the project faces complexities stemming from the multitude of landowners with varying opinions, as well as differing perspectives within the council, requiring careful planning and coordination by the city government. Additionally, the project's engineering complexities are unparalleled nationally, as it involves crossing the Fazi River, national expressways, and the high-speed rail on the same foundation, presenting significant challenges for construction. To mitigate these challenges, the construction company has adopted techniques like the Pipe Roofing Method to ensure smooth traffic flow on the national expressways and high-speed rail during construction.

Mayor Lu noted that Taichung City is set to kickstart three major projects this year. These comprise the initiation of the second package of the Shizheng Road Extension Project, which commenced today; the Blue Line of Taichung Metro, which was approved yesterday; and the long-awaited Taichung Arena, capable of hosting over ten thousand people. After securing funding, finalizing plans, and completing the bidding process, construction for Taichung Arena is scheduled to commence in March. Additionally, Mayor Lu distributed red envelopes to attendees, wishing everyone prosperity in the Year of the Dragon and sharing joy with the citizens.
Deputy Minister of the Interior, Wu Tang-an, noted that the central government is providing a subsidy of 2.4 billion NTD for the Shizheng Road Extension Project under the Living Space Road Traffic System Construction Plan. This project aims to link the 7th Redevelopment Zone with the Taichung Industrial Park, fostering not only the city's technology sector but also improving transport connections for precision industries and supply chains. By reducing travel time and expenses, this project will stimulate industrial development and greatly enhance the international competitiveness of industries in Central Taiwan.

Deputy Minister Wu elaborated that over the past seven years, the National Land Management Agency has allocated a total of 6.2 billion NTD in subsidies to Taichung City. This funding encompasses various projects such as the Living Space Road Traffic System Construction Plan with 3.187 billion NTD, the Road Quality Improvement Plan 2.0 with 2.557 billion NTD, and the Improvement Plan for Road Safety around Schools with 448 million NTD. These subsidies have been instrumental in enhancing both the transportation system and the pedestrian environment in Taichung. Deputy Minister Wu also expressed his expectation for continued collaboration between the central and local governments to foster mutual development and cooperation, thus improving the living and transportation standards for the city's residents.

Director Chen Ta-tien of the Construction Bureau highlighted that the Shizheng Road is connected to the 7th Redevelopment Zone and the industrial areas, making it a crucial roadway for Taichung. This project requires a substantial budget of 7.4 billion NTD. Despite receiving a subsidy covering 70% of the total expense from the Ministry of the Interior's National Land Management Agency through the Living Space Plan between 2015 and 2018, the project's significant land acquisition costs have made it difficult for local budgets to allocate funds, thus delaying progress. Recognizing the project's crucial role in Taichung's local development, and with her commitment to promoting regional transport infrastructure development, Mayor Lu, upon taking office, instructed that the budget be allocated annually and the project be developed in stages, successfully facilitating its commencement.

Director Chen mentioned that the Construction Bureau has been actively engaged in communication and coordination with landowners and various stakeholders. They successfully acquired the land for Package 1 in 2020 and commenced construction on it in 2021 (spanning from Gongyequ 1st Road to Anhe Road). Furthermore, they completed land acquisition for Package 2 last year and have begun construction on it today (spanning from Anhe Road to Huanzhong Road). Once Shizheng Road is connected, it will serve as an alternative route for Taiwan Boulevard, offering not only time-saving benefits but also easing traffic congestion in the industrial areas. An improved transportation network will also catalyze the growth of the industrial areas and its vicinity, creating job opportunities and attracting leading global enterprises to establish and flourish within the Taichung Industrial Park.

According to the Construction Bureau, the Shizheng Road Extension Project - Package 2 (spanning from Anhe Road to Huanzhong Road) covers approximately 1,200 meters with a width of 60 meters for urban planning. The total estimated cost for the project is around 5.12552 billion NTD, including construction costs of 3.17752 billion NTD and land acquisition costs of 1.948 billion NTD. Completion is expected by the end of 2026. Once completed, the extended Shizheng Road will link the 7th Redevelopment Zone with the industrial areas, improving traffic flow in the industrial areas and easing congestion on roads like Taiwan Boulevard, Chaoma Road, Wuquan West Road, and Xiangshang Road. Additionally, it will connect key industrial areas such as the Taichung Industrial Park, Taichung Precision Machinery Park, and Central Taiwan Science Park, enhancing transport convenience for citizens.

At today's ceremony, Mayor Lu, Deputy Mayor Wang Yu-min, Secretary-General Huang Chung-tien, Deputy Minister of the Interior Wu Tang-an, incoming legislators Liao Wei-hsiang and Lo Ting-wei, council members Chang Liao Nai-lun, Chen Shu-hua, Chu Nuan-ying, Huang Hsin-hui, Yang Ta-hung, and Liu Shih-chou attended the event to show their support. Council members Lin Chi-feng and Chen Wen-cheng, as well as Chiu Ai-shan, were represented by their delegates to witness this significant occasion together.

  • Data update: 2024-02-07
  • Publish Date: 2024-02-01
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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