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Mayor Lu returns to Taiwan after 3-day visit to Singapore with thoughtful hospitality, Mayor: fruitful results beyond expectations

Mayor Lu returned to Taiwan after 3-day visit to Singapore with thoughtful hospitality; Mayor: fruitful results beyond expectations.
Mayor Lu returned to Taiwan after 3-day visit to Singapore with thoughtful hospitality; Mayor: fruitful results beyond expectations.

On April 3, Taichung City Mayor Lu Hsiu-yen led a team from the city government on a visit to Singapore, where they visited a waste recycling facility, the Great Singapore Sale, and the Singapore National Stadium. They returned to Taiwan on the morning of April 6. Mayor Lu expressed her deep appreciation for the warm and thoughtful hospitality extended by the Singapore Government during their three-day visit. She remarked that the visit was successful, “the results are not only fruitful but even exceeded expectations!”

Mayor Lu praised the integrity of the Singapore Government. She acknowledged the correctness of Singapore's national development direction, along with its high efficiency and people-centric approach, which have contributed to the rapid development of the country. Therefore, it is highly worthy of reference. She emphasized the importance of cherishing and valuing the strong relationship between the Republic of China and Singapore, advocating for sustained and expanded friendly exchanges and cooperation.

The earthquake in Hualien happened just before Mayor Lu’s trip to Singapore. She promptly checked on the situation with her colleagues upon learning of the earthquake before her flight took off. Immediately, she directed all departments to establish emergency response centers. Upon landing, she quickly connected online from the airport to hold a Level 2 emergency meeting via video conference. During the meeting, various dispatches and arrangements were discussed. Mayor Lu also expressed appreciation for all city government colleagues who diligently stayed on duty, ensuring the safety of Taichung residents in her absence. The earthquake caused injuries to some residents and damage to homes in Taichung. To ensure safety, departments like the Construction Bureau conducted inspections on public infrastructure such as bridges and have been actively involved in post-disaster efforts. Mayor Lu thanked everyone for their hard work.

The city government noted that following the significant earthquake, Mayor Lu promptly sought updates on the situation in Taichung and swiftly mobilized the firefighting units to aid Hualien. Additionally, she publicly announced her donation of one month's salary the day before yesterday, aiming to inspire others to contribute to relief efforts in Hualien with supplies and accelerate the post-disaster reconstruction process.

  • Data update: 2024-04-12
  • Publish Date: 2024-04-08
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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