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FenChia Business District unveils “Mint Toothpaste” pedestrian walkway: Taichung’s Transportation Bureau protects pedestrians with creative efforts

Since its completion, the marked pedestrian walkways of the FenChia Business District have been praised by businesses, tourists, and students alike.
Since its completion, the marked pedestrian walkways of the FenChia Business District have been praised by businesses, tourists, and students alike.

The FenChia Night Market in Taichung City, which previously reached a business turnover of NT$10 billion, is experiencing a resurgence of tourists and bustling activity post-pandemic. Taichung City Mayor Lu Hsiu-yen places great importance on pedestrian-friendly transportation and road safety. Seizing the chance to improve the roads, the city government's Transportation Bureau and Construction Bureau have worked together to reconfigure the road lanes, preserve the original two-way four-lane road while accommodating parking needs, and design 700-meter-long, 1.5-meter-wide marked pedestrian walkways. This improvement provides a better walking space for students and shoppers. Since its completion in April, it has been highly praised by local businesses, tourists, and university students, igniting lively online discussions. Walking along this path, which looks like mint toothpaste or clover, people can now enjoy a safe and creatively designed pedestrian space, addressing the previous shortage of sidewalks.

Director Yeh Chao-fu of the Transportation Bureau noted that in the FenChia Night Market area of Xitun District, plans for Fuxing Road initially included a four-lane, two-way setup with designated scooter parking on the sides. However, creating ample pedestrian space without disrupting traffic flow posed a challenge. To address this, the bureau narrowed the lanes and introduced angled scooter parking. They also added 1.5-meter marked pedestrian walkways. Additionally, road corners along Fuxing Road were redesigned to encourage vehicles to slow down at turns and be more cautious of pedestrians crossing. These improvements not only offer pedestrians a safer and more relaxed walking and shopping experience but also attract more tourists to the area.

Wang Chao-i, the head of the FenChia Business District Management Committee, noted that the marked pedestrian walkways planned by the Transportation Bureau is more than just a traffic facility. Since its completion in April, it has become the most talked-about topic regarding the FenChia Business District. Apart from maintaining parking spaces for cars and scooters, additional areas have also been designated for buses to pick up and drop off passengers. This improvement addresses the previous concerns of pedestrians having to walk on the road due to the lack of sidewalks. Moreover, the uneven surfaces alongside pedestrian arcades have also been fixed, providing a revitalized and efficiently utilized pedestrian walkways and achieving multiple objectives. This traffic facility, carried out by the Transportation Bureau through advanced approaches, has been praised by local businesses and visitors alike, making the walkways the most people-centered feature of the FenChia Business District.

The Transportation Bureau noted that the completion of the marked pedestrian walkways on Fuxing Road in the FenChia Business District immediately sparked discussions among local businesses and online communities. Tourists visiting the district can now stroll along the walkways with ease after shopping, free from concerns about pedestrian-vehicle conflicts. University students acknowledge the walkways' improvement, which provided a sense of safety. It has become a standout feature of the district's roads. Netizens describe the walkways as resembling mint toothpaste, and walking along it on hot summer days brings a delightful and refreshing sensation.

“The marked pedestrian walkways will be there for citizens!” said Director Yeh. The marked pedestrian walkways, much like physical pedestrian walkways, are intended for pedestrian use and prohibit vehicle parking (except in designated scooter parking areas). It is advised that road users collectively ensure the walkways remain clear. Moving forward, the city government will continue evaluating urban road space planning to promote a people-centered transportation system, aiming to create a safer, more friendly, and comfortable traffic environment prioritizing people's needs.

  • Data update: 2024-06-17
  • Publish Date: 2024-05-23
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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