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Services and Responsibilities

Transportation Engineering Section
1. Planning & design & construction of traffic facilities
2. Maintenance & management of traffic signs & markings
3. Management of traffic engineering business
Transportation Planning Section
1. Planning & promotion of traffic policy
2. Planning of traffic facilities
3. Overall traffic planning and information collection & analysis
4. Evaluation of traffic control plans & traffic impact assessment and traffic maintenance plan
5. Installation & management & maintenance of traffic signs and Traffic Information Management Center
6. Planning of BRT system and cable car
Transportation Administration Section
1. Comprehensive business of road safety report
2. Education & governmental guidance of road traffic
3.  Improvement & evaluation of road safety
4. Supervise the Traffic Maintenance Plan in construction period
5. Business related to parking
6. Deal with emergency measures
7. Renewed discussion & business related to legal system of traffic accident investigation
Transportation Management Section
1. Management of the public transportation & ship business
2. Supervise the property of Rapid Transit System
3. Maintenance & management of the Transportation Bureau website
Public Transportation & Rapid Transit System Office, Taichung City
1. Planning & coordination of RTS networks, routes, and locations 
2. Overall planning of RTS information system
3. Evaluation of the impact on environment
4. Coordination of RTS transportation system
5. Planning of facilities, operation, financial affairs, manpower training, and other business related to RTS
6. RTS operation business-soliciting project
7. Inspection & coordination of the elective-mechanical facilities of RTS and detail design
8. Contract out work for construction & building & landscape & water and electricity
9. Manage the contract of RTS construction and operation
10. Business related to land obtainment & land joint development and right-of -way
11. Approval of the establishment of public transportation companies
12. Examination of bus routes, stops, shelters, and business related to transfer posts
13. Management & inspection of general transportation industry
14. Adjustment & management of bus stops & bus fare
15. In charge of related public petition cases
Parking Management Office, Taichung City
1. Planning & construction of parking spaces
2. Encouragement & reward to the privately built parking spaces
3. Parking spaces entrusted to private business
4. Statistics of over-time parking events
5. Levy & allotment of parking spaces and dismantling of obstacles
6. Service for parking facilities
7. Overall business & management & evaluation of fee collection of parking spaces
8. Review & approval of parking fee
9. Approval & issuance of parking space registration
10. In charge of related public petition cases
Traffic Adjudication office, Taichung City
1. https://www.taichung.gov.tw/1605627/post
Traffic Accident Investigation Committee, Taichung City
1. Investigate the traffic accident of national highways, provincial highways, county highways, rural highways, exclusive highways, and the urban roads in Taichung City
  • Data update: 2022-07-08
  • Publish Date: 2011-12-09
  • Source: Transportation Bureau
  • Hit Count: 1782