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Major Performance & Results

An Efficient Government: create a government which is highly competitive in budget-management and BOT project
Road-side parking space outsourcing
An International New City : promote the construction of an international airport
Transform Ching Chuang Kang Airport into Taichung 's international airport
A Convenient Transportation Network: upgrade the public translation system in the city, with an early commencement of the construction of the MRT and railway track elevation project to provide a safe and rapid transportation network
Upgrade bus services
Promote the construction of Taichung MRT system
Promote the railway track elevation project
Promote a multiple parking fee system
Set up a Toll-free number for reporting traffic sign problems
Reinforce the installation of bilingual traffic/road signs
Establish a metropolitan traffic information system
Construct cycling paths
Develop and establish a multifunctional transportation hub
Build a bus dynamical information system
Install a stop broadcast system12.Install a fare-checking system
An Eco-friendly City : foster the concept of environmental protection and preservation
Cultivate tour guides specialized in ecology and environmental protection
Hold environmental protection workshops in Dakeng Scenic
AreaPlan and establish an ecological recreational area
A well-balanced city: foster the rejuvenation of old city districts
Improve the road conditions in the city
  • Data update: 2018-11-13
  • Publish Date: 2011-12-26
  • Source: Transportation Bureau
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