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Enhancing parking convenience for citizens! Taichung invests NT$10 billion in building 33 parking facilities

Transportation Bureau
Taichung City Mayor Lu Hsiu-yen places an emphasis on the parking demands of citizens. Up until the end of last year, around NT$10 billion has been invested in building 33 parking facilities to offer convenient parking options. Moreover, data on roadside parking spaces has been collected. From January 2019 to December 2023, 5,734 parking spots for small vehicles were added, ranking the highest increase among the six municipalities in Taiwan. The city government also encourages individuals to dev...

We did it! Taichung Transportation Bureau fulfills Mayor Lu's promise of 1,333 Youbike stations

Transportation Bureau
When Mayor Lu Hsiu-yen assumed office, she pledged to increase YouBike stations by 1,000 within three years. The Transportation Bureau not only met this target ahead of schedule but also exceeded it by setting up 1,333 stations. The total number of rides has now surpassed 84 million, with a peak of 1.6 million rentals in October of last year. This eco-friendly mode of transport equates to a reduction in carbon emissions equivalent to 1.74 times the reduction contributed by Central Park. With an ...

Taichung makes it easy for people to "walk!" The Taichung City Government will allocate more than 1.3 billion to optimize transportation in 2024. Mayor Lu: Continue to improve pedestrian safety.

Transportation Bureau
Announcement unit: Transportation Engineering Section / Contact number: 04-22289111 Ext. 60462 Mr. Chen / Announcement date: 2023-11-28Guard pedestrian safety! The Transportation Bureau of the Taichung City Government actively promotes the "Humanity-Oriented Traffic Environment" policy to inventory multiple intersections with high pedestrian traffic, such as schools, hospitals, commercial districts, civic sports centers, and public transportation stations. Through cross-bureau cooperation to opt...

13-year problem overcome! Route Tai 74 Caohu Interchange opened to traffic; Mayor Lu: citizens’ wish comes true

Transportation Bureau
Published by: Traffic Engineering Division / Contact number: 04-22289111, ext. 60421 / published on: Oct 30 2023The Route Tai 74 Caohu Interchange, which the locals had been anticipated for 13 years, b was constructed by the central government, with the Taichung City Government responsible for land acquisition and road connection. However, the challenge is the more than 80 private properties within the project site. After taking office, Mayor Lu Shiow-Yen communicated with the public by listenin...

Which bus do you want to take? Taichung City stop sign maintainers have polished the route signs and let you know.

Transportation Bureau
Announcement unit: Public Transportation & Rapid Transit System Office / Contact number: 04-22289111 extension 61103 / Announcement date: 2023-10-04There are currently nearly 7000 bus stop signs in Taichung City. A route map stands on the street, resilient in the face of wind, rain, and sun, remaining steadfast in its position. The behind-the-scenes heroes are the stop sign maintainers, who go up and down the mountain and sea and do not fear distance in maintaining the cleanliness of the stop si...


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