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The Taichung Traffic Network APP was revised and launched, making parking payment more convenient.

The "Taichung Traffic Network" APP, a good helper for enjoying a sightseeing tour in Taichung, was launched and updated today (1st). It continues to expand traffic information and search items and further upgrades the practicality of paying parking fees for the public. According to the Transportation Bureau of Taichung City Government, the update also added thoughtful and convenient functions such as recording license plates and scanning codes for payment slips to make parking payment more convenient for users. Additionally, the parking information interface has been optimized.

Chao-Fu Yeh, Director of the Transportation Bureau, has highlighted the positive feedback received for the real-time bus information, traffic conditions, parking lots, and other data available on the Taichung Traffic Network app. The number of app downloads and users has significantly increased as a result. The bureau has an analysis of the functions most frequently used by users, among which "parking payment and parking information" has the highest query frequency. It has revised the Taichung Traffic Network APP and updated it to optimize the parking information interface to conform to the trend of the times and the convenience of the public to provide the public with more convenient parking information and payment services.

Director Yeh further explained that the enhanced parking information interface of the "Taichung Traffic Network" APP has been updated to cater to the needs of the modern era. It now offers users the ability to easily access parking information for vehicles. Moreover, the parking fee payment interface has added the function of recording license plates and optimized the scanning code of payment slips, making it more convenient for users to query or pay parking fees.

The Transportation Bureau has officially launched the upgraded version of the Taichung Traffic Network APP today, which emphasized to integrate of traffic information such as Taichung's real-time road conditions, bus movement, parking lots, iBike, and timetables of Taichung MRT, Taiwan Railway, and Taiwan High Speed Railway. People can easily query various traffic information of Taichung through a single platform. The update also expands the provision of more convenient parking information and payment services, allowing the public to enjoy smart parking. The Transportation Bureau kindly reminds citizens who have downloaded to remember to update. People who have not yet downloaded it recommend downloading and using it as soon as possible and checking relevant information at any time. Welcome to download the Taichung Traffic Network APP (https://reurl.cc/43QEMV).
  • Data update: 2023-07-21
  • Publish Date: 2023-07-03
  • Source: Transportation Bureau
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