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In order to foster Taichung City’s development into a city of “Culture, Economy & Internationalization”, the goal of the Transportation Bureau in Taichung City is threefold:
Under the cultural axis, the targets of transportation development are fairness and safety.
Under the economical axis, the targets of transportation development are efficiency and technology.
Under the internationalized axis, the targets of transportation development are comfort and environmental-friendly.

Accordingly, the future plan of the Bureau will be based on these 7 strategies to implement a traffic policy that is managed according to the needs of the citizens. Furthermore, a human traffic management system will be planned and designed to provide our fellow citizens with a caring, satisfying and understanding transportation environment.

The traffic developmental strategies and their measures are listed as follows:
Develop a humanistic and sustainable transportation environment
This includes creating a safe and comfortable pedestrian space, continuing the installation of the “Walking Green Man” Count-down Displayer at every crossing, and attending to the special needs of minority groups.
Establish an urban transportation system centering on public transportation
The administrative area expands respond to the combination of Taichung County and Taichung City. Therefore, we strive to build an integrated intensive bus networks and increase schedule runs to attract passengers to take public transportation. Besides, we set up a regional transfer center and develop the bus transfer function of arterial and ringed roads.
Build a smooth traffic network
Our goals are focused on the commencement of major transportation constructions and to improve the road service standard in the urban area. We will apply the management method that emphasizes horizontal cooperation and vertical integration to construct a road-grading system in which different purposes of traveling vehicles can be directed to proper roads in an attempt to make the road space more efficient and dynamic.
Construct a fair and reasonable urban parking environment
To ratify the parking order in the city, it is necessary to educate the road users on the concept of fee-paying and fee-differential, so they can understand that violation of parking rules does in fact cost a great deal in terms of social resources. The Department will encourage the public to use off-road parking space first before considering road-side parking, by applying a higher rate on the latter one. In addition, the supply and demand of parking space will be examined, as well as whether to bring in resources to bear from the private sector in the building, operation and management of parking spaces.
Create a safe traffic environment
A safe and reliable traffic system, as well as law enforcement skills, will be established to educate and promote a “civilized, polite & orderly” traffic environment.
Promote an E-traffic environment
Gradually, we are moving to the application of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), using advanced technology in the areas of electronics, communications, information and sensors to integrate management of pedestrians, vehicles and roads. An intelligent traffic control center will be set up to provide real-time traffic information in an attempt to promote traffic safety, smooth the traffic flow and increase the mobility of the streets.
Develop a comprehensive BRT system
Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) makes use of modern bus traveling on special-purpose roads, coordinates with wisdom transportation system technique, and uses the pattern of RTS operation(which equipped with a closed fee-charging shelter as platform—passengers get in before swiping the cards to save time ) to achieve the service level closed to RTS new public transportation. BRT is provided with low cost and short period of construction, thus it is suitable for running schedules. Until people reach the amount of building RTS system, it can be promoted to RTS system.
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  • Publish Date: 2018-11-13
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