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We did it! Taichung Transportation Bureau fulfills Mayor Lu's promise of 1,333 Youbike stations

When Mayor Lu Hsiu-yen assumed office, she pledged to increase YouBike stations by 1,000 within three years. The Transportation Bureau not only met this target ahead of schedule but also exceeded it by setting up 1,333 stations. The total number of rides has now surpassed 84 million, with a peak of 1.6 million rentals in October of last year. This eco-friendly mode of transport equates to a reduction in carbon emissions equivalent to 1.74 times the reduction contributed by Central Park. With an average ride distance of 2.5 kilometers per person, individuals could theoretically cycle around Taiwan 4,319 times, contributing to the vision of transforming Taichung into a bicycle-friendly city. “YouBike everywhere, I like!”
The Transportation Bureau noted that Mayor Lu's initiative aims to transform Taichung into a city where public bicycles are seamlessly integrated into the daily lives, work, and leisure activities of its citizens. This effort has shown tangible progress in promoting environmentally friendly transportation. The iBike system has also undergone a comprehensive upgrade to YouBike 2.0, resulting in a steady increase in ridership. Originally planned to build 1,000 more new stations within three years by the end of 2020, the plan not only met its target ahead of schedule but also exceeded expectations by achieving 1,333 stations by early November last year.
Director Yeh Chao-fu of the Transportation Bureau highlighted the convenience and abundance of YouBike 2.0 stations. In a survey conducted in 2022, it was found that male users constituted 61.7%, while females made up 38.3% of the users, indicating a notable gap. The age distribution of users showed that the majority, at 22.3%, were aged between 40 and 49, followed by 20 to 29-year-olds at 19.4%, 30 to 39-year-olds at 18.7%, 50 to 59-year-olds at 17.4%, 12 to 19-year-olds at 11.5%, and those aged 60 and above at 10.7%. Students and commuters represented 11.9% and 25.2% respectively. The survey results indicate that the utilization of YouBike 2.0 has gradually become widespread across all age groups. “We did it!”
Director Yeh envisions a future where every neighborhood has a YouBike 2.0 station. There are 1,333 stations across the city, whether in mountainous regions or along the coast. Presently, the highest station stands at around 800 meters above sea level at the Guguan Multistorey Parking Lot. Across Taichung's expansive area, YouBike 2.0 stations stretch from the easternmost point at the Guguan Multistorey Parking Lot to the westernmost at the Lishui Basketball Court, the southernmost at the Xiwei Activity Center, and the northernmost reaching the Songbo Fishing Harbor.
Director Yeh highlighted that last year's "Citywide Cycling" event spurred motivation for riding YouBike 2.0, resulting in a remarkable milestone of 1.6 million rentals in a single month. According to calculations by the Environmental Protection Bureau, these rides, averaging 2.5 kilometers per person, amounted to over 4 million kilometers in total. This is equivalent to the carbon reduction of 1.74 Central Parks within the Shuinan Economic and Trade Park. In addition, the cumulative distance amounted to 4,057,852.5 kilometers, equivalent to cycling around Taiwan 4,319 times, considering the island's circumference of 939.5 kilometers. The citizens have made tangible contributions to environmental protection by using a bikes for transportation.
The Transportation Bureau added that the establishment of YouBike 2.0 stations, including site selection, service area assessment, land use, and construction, has been meticulously carried out step by step by the bureau itself. Each year, satisfaction rates have consistently surpassed the nationwide average of 95.5% for overall public bicycle services. The city government has built public bicycle rental stations throughout various areas, including urban areas, Tun District, and mountainous and coastal regions, to cater to the cycling needs of the populace.
  • Data update: 2024-03-04
  • Publish Date: 2024-02-29
  • Source: Transportation Bureau
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