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Preparing for the MRT Blue Line, Transportation Bureau of Taichung City Government started geological surveys along the line in advance

The Taichung City Government is dedicated to major MRT construction and is currently awaiting the Executive Yuan to review the Comprehensive Planning Report for Taichung MRT Blue Line. The Transportation Bureau is tirelessly advancing the rail network, having commenced the basic design of the MRT Blue Line ahead of schedule. Work began at the end of last year, as the geological surveys were at full swing along the MRT line. Dr. Yeh, Chao-Fu, Director of Transportation Bureau, said that currently, about 98% of the geological survey work specifically tailored for the Blue Line has been completed. It is expected that the basic design and geological survey of the MRT Blue Line will be completed in August this year, providing a thorough pre-preparation for subsequent detailed design and MRT projects. Dr. Yeh pointed out that the comprehensive planning for the Blue Line, the second MRT route in Taichung City, has come the last mile. He urged the Executive Yuan to review and approve the MRT Blue Line Comprehensive Planning Report as soon as possible. While hoping for good news for people of Taichung from the central government, the Transportation Bureau is still working day and night in constructing the cross-shaped network. The eagerly anticipated MRT Blue Line has progressed further, building upon the foundation of geological surveys. It is hoped that construction can start as soon as possible and be opened to traffic as soon as possible, creating a win-win for the central and local governments and the citizens of Taichung. Dr. Yeh said that the Taichung MRT Blue Line runs through a wide variety of topographies like Qingshui Plain, Dadu Terrace and Taichung Basin. It connects the east and west parts of Taichung City through the high-speed rail, elevated section of National Highway No. 3, National Highway No. 1 Interchange and Fazi River, with a total length of 24.78 kilometers. The soil of Taichung is filled with pebbles and gravels, and the latter can be as large as 1 to 2 meters in diameter. A rock was once found to be taller than a full-grown man. The strength and permeability of the soil layer are very high, which is quite unique. In response, the city government engaged consulting team to design a geological survey plan tailored specifically for the MRT Blue Line.

Dr. Yeh further elaborated that the geological surveys will be synchronized with several extensive on-site tests, including "large-diameter borehole sampling", "in-situ sieve analysis", "in-situ direct shear test" and "in-situ pumping test". These tests provide data such as the particle size distribution curve, strength parameters and hydraulic parameters of the pebble layer, and information such as the geological distribution, hydrological characteristics, and Dajia fault characteristics along the MRT line can be obtained for future selection of shield tunneling, pier and column spans. deep excavation projects for better the construction safety of MRT projects. The Transportation Bureau added that currently all 182 bore holes required in the geological surveys have been drilled, with the cumulative drilling depth up to 6,750 meters. Four large-scale field tests have been completed. It is expected that all analytical data will be available in August this year and the geological survey results will be incorporated in the basic design. Upon the completion of the MRT Blue Line, it will intertwine with the MRT Green Line, thereby establishing a cross-shaped network. This development will significantly contribute to furnishing the citizens of Taichung with a more economical, secure, and convenient MRT mass transportation environment in the future, fostering enhanced regional growth.
  • Data update: 2023-09-01
  • Publish Date: 2023-09-01
  • Source: Transportation Bureau
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