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Offering convenient and quality transportation options: Taichung's diversified taxis exceed 3,400 vehicles

“Diversified taxis” differ from the taxis with conventional appearance, devoid of the typical yellow paint and rooftop lights. Passengers need to book them via reservation platforms. Due to their flexible rates and high convenience, public acceptance and usage frequency have steadily risen in recent years. The Transportation Bureau of the Taichung City Government noted that the number of diversified taxis has steadily increased by over 400 vehicles since July of last year, reaching over 3,400 vehicles as of March this year, accounting for 37% of the total number of diversified taxis in Taichung City. This indicates a growing recognition of the flexible services provided by diversified taxis among both consumers and taxi service providers. Consequently, people now enjoy a broader array of quality travel services and transportation options.
Yeh Chao-fu, Director of the Transportation Bureau, noted that since the launch of diversified taxi fleet in Taichung in 2019, there have been four rounds of public announcements and selections, with active participation from various taxi service providers. Alongside existing providers like EM Taxi, Metropolitan Taxi, Taiwan Taxi, Zhonghua Taxi, Feigou Taxi, Youai Taxi, Zhong Tian Taxi, Taichung Wireless Taxi, Gancheng Taxi, Jindouyun Taxi, Guotong Taxi, and Shuangmei Corporation, a newcomer, Yoxi Taxi, has recently joined. As a result, Taichung now boasts a total of 13 diversified taxi service providers.
The Transportation Bureau noted that diversified taxis are only available by pre-booking, meaning passengers must use reservation platforms to request a ride. By disclosing fares in advance through these platforms, they aim to spur market competition and enhance the competitiveness of the taxi industry with innovative operational models. This also ensures that the public has access to convenient, high-quality, and diverse public transportation services. According to regulations, diversified taxis are prohibited from soliciting passengers or occupying taxi stands. It's advised that passengers choose legally operating taxis when in need of transportation.
The Transportation Bureau reminds that legally operating taxis in Taichung City are identifiable by license plates with white backgrounds and red letters. This applies to both regular yellow taxis and diversified taxis. As the number of diversified taxis gradually rises, the city government facilitates the legal inclusion of drivers hired through online platforms into the taxi industry. These legitimate drivers are subject to government oversight, ensuring timely assistance in case of disputes to safeguard passengers’ rights. For detailed information regarding the services offered by diversified taxis, such as vehicle types and fare rates, please refer to the Transportation Bureau's website (https://www.traffic.taichung.gov.tw/content/index.asp?Parser=1,7,521,495).
The Transportation Bureau once again urges that private car owners forming unauthorized ride-hailing groups to solicit passengers not only violate the Highway Act but also jeopardize passengers' rights. Drivers caught breaking the laws not only face a suspension of their driver's license and vehicle license plate for four months under the Highway Act but also fines ranging from over NT$100,000 to NT$25 million. It's imperative for people with transportation needs to only utilize legitimate taxi services. Moreover, they should opt for ride-hailing apps provided by legitimate taxi service providers, avoiding the use of illegal online groups for hailing rides to ensure passenger safety and rights.
  • Data update: 2024-04-22
  • Publish Date: 2024-04-12
  • Source: Transportation Bureau
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