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Taichung Bus Route 199 changes to Route 675 starting 5/1, departing from Longjin High School

The bus route 199, which used to run through areas like Longjing and Xitun in Taichung City, faced disruptions last year due to the withdrawal of the responsible company from the urban bus market. As a result, the city government's Transportation Bureau promptly coordinated with new companies and reissued a call for bids. Starting May 1, Taichung Bus and United Highway Bus will take over the route, now labeled as Route 675. The route's points are now “Longjin High School - Kaixuan Dunhua Rd. Intersection.” There will be 24 trips on weekdays and 12 trips on weekends. All trips will depart from Longjin High School (originally Longjing Zhukengkou). Routes around Feng Chia University in Xitun District will be adjusted to provide better services in Longjing District and the Taichung Central Park in Xitun District. Residents are encouraged to stay updated on these adjustments.
Director Yeh Chao-fu of the Transportation Bureau noted that by the end of last year, severe driver shortages at Jasun Bus Transportation and other issues made it challenging to maintain basic service levels. Prompt intervention from the Transportation Bureau ensured smooth bus departures, protecting passengers' travel rights. To ensure constant transportation services, Route 199 underwent reevaluation and planning by the Transportation Bureau before reissued a call for bids. Following assessment by the Urban Bus Transport Review Committee, Taichung Bus and United Highway Bus were chosen to jointly operate the route. Adjustments to bus stop locations were made to accommodate more passengers, resulting in the renumbering of the route from 199 to 675 - “Longjin High School - Kaixuan Dunhua Rd. Intersection.”
Director Yeh added that considering the ample bus routes already serving the Feng Chia Night Market area, adjustments have been made to Route 675. After a review of the local bus network, the section of Fengxing Road in Xitun District will no longer be part of the route. Instead, the route will now pass through Kaixuan Road near the Taichung Central Park via Section 2 of Henan Road. Additionally, a new stop will be added at the “Kaixuan Dapeng Intersection” to enhance access for passengers heading to Feng Chia University and the surrounding area of the Central Park. These changes also pave the way for future connections to the Shuinan Transfer Center.
The Transportation Bureau noted that the former Route 199 - “Wenxiu Parking Lot - Longjing Zhukengkou” used to have only a few trips departing from Longjin High School. However, starting May 1, the new Route 675 will depart from Longjin High School for all 24 trips on weekdays and 12 trips on weekends. This change aims to expand and improve services in Longjing District, providing convenient public transportation options. The Bureau also reminded passengers that as of May 1, the original Route 199 bus will be renumbered as Route 675, with some route adjustments. Passengers can find bus information on the Taichung Bus Information System (http://citybus.taichung.gov.tw/ebus) or by downloading the Taichung Bus app from the Transportation Bureau's official website (https://is.gd/MTPvdg). For any inquiries, you can call the toll-free hotline “1999.” Feel free to make full use of these services. (4/30*10)* Transportation Bureau
  • Data update: 2024-05-09
  • Publish Date: 2024-05-03
  • Source: Transportation Bureau
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