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The Online Seminar on the MRT Network in the Tun Area of the Taichung City Government to Collect Public Opinions

The Seminar at Tun Area Arts and Cultural Center
The Seminar at Tun Area Arts and Cultural Center
The Taichung City Transportation Bureau held two online seminars on the MRT Network in the Tun area at Taiping District Office and Tun Area Arts and Cultural Center. According to the Director General of the Transportation Bureau, Yeh Chao-Fu, through face to face meetings, citizens came to understand contents of the MRT corridor and continuous construction schedule and they engaged in lively discussions. Local public representatives also attended the seminars despite their busy schedules and over 250 attendees participated. After listening to local demands and suggestions, the Bureau will compile the report as soon as possible and seek the support of the city council. The report was expected to be sent to the central government for approval. Director General Yeh said issues discussed at the seminars included transit between new and existing MRT lines, the possibility to shorten construction and earlier launching of official operations, construction schedule between Taiping to Taichung Train Station, operating mode and relevance of the MRT Blue Line and urban planning of loop lines and Citizen Boulevard and opinions will be included in the evaluation report. According to the Bureau, the population in the Tun area continues to grow in recent years and so do the demands for transportation. To reduce traffic flow, encourage the public to make use of mass transportation and to promote tourism and economic development in the Tun area and downtown, the Taichung City Government promotes the "MRT Network Project in the Tun Area" to connect the MRT Green, Blue, and Orange Lines, city bus routes and iBike stations to improve service quality of public transportation and ridership. The Bureau said two sections of the MRT lines are planned from Taiping to Taichung Station and the loop section. The section from Taiping to Taichung Train Station connects the MRT Blue Line via the Taiping Sports Ground, Taiping District Office, Tai Shin Hospital, Jianguo Market, Imperial Sugar Factory at the length of 4.66 kilometers and four stations are expected to be built; the loop section is planned to connect with the MRT Green Line via Dakeng Lover's Bridge, Zhongshan Market, Tun Area Arts and Cultural Center, Xiangshun Sports Park, Changyi Park, 19-A Health Park, Dali Sports Park and Daqing Commercial District at the length of 15.7 kilometers and 16 stations are expected to be constructed. Pilot buses will be first introduced for the benefit of riders. The Bureau added for those who did not attend these seminars, information can be accessed via downloads at the official website of the Transportation Bureau (https://www.traffic.taichung.gov.tw/content/index.asp?Parser=1,4,567). Any suggestions can be sent via regular mails to the Bureau (#101, Minquan Rd., West District, Taichung City) or fax (04-22291718) before November 3. Contact person: Mr. Chen of the Taichung City Transportation Bureau at 04-22289111 extn. 60221.
  • Data update: 2021-11-09
  • Publish Date: 2021-11-04
  • Source: Transportation Bureau
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