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NPO & Volunteer Development Center Construction

  • Date: 2019-02-01
  • Issued by: Construction Bureauu

Situated at the intersection of Meicun Rd. and Minsheng Rd. of West Dist. (Former Lianqin Guesthouse), the NTD 720 million project of 5,334 sqm base, designed and supervised by Yu Xiao-lan’s Studio, is currently undergoing detail design. The 9-story SRC above ground, 3 underground RC stories building is equipped with civil forum room, cultivation space, administration room, multifunction space, big, small meeting room, classroom and required facilities. The building has a total of 20,994 sqm floor area.

Anticipated benefits: intensify and fortify NPO constitution, cultivate and train strong professionals for NPO volunteers; increase communication between local and global NPOs as well as the awareness of the world towards Taichung city. Facilitate Taichung to be the center of int’l NPOs in Taiwan; the project is to maximize the result of public and private collaboration by introducing social enterprise and civil organizations.

  • Date : 2018-08-23
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