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Taichung Green Museumbrary

Project site is in Shuinan Economy & Trade Park, Xitun Dist., to the north of Central Park, connecting Int’l Convention Center at north and Parkway 2 at east. To complete cultural industry development upon the establishment of Taichung Municipality, the project of 7-story above ground and 2-story underground will serve as “city library” and “city museum”.

To react to the increasing population, urban development, culture and environment changes, etc., the city is in need for a place to allow cultural, art and recreational communication, and further facilitate urban culture industry by cultivating special and humanity based urban brands. Library and museum within the Park shall provide the needs of cultural space.

  • Data update: 2018-08-23
  • Publish Date: 2018-08-23
  • Source: Construction Bureauu
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