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United Cities and Local Governments-Asia Pacific, UCLG ASPAC

  • Date: 2019-12-25
  • Issued by: Secretariat
United Cities and Local Governments-Asia Pacific, UCLG ASPAC

UCLG ASPAC, established in Taipei in April 2004, is the key knowledge management hub on local government issues in the Asia Pacific region and the united voice and advocate of democratic local self-government, which promotes cooperation between governments and within the wider international communities in the Asia-Pacific Region. It’s headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia. The Asia and Pacific region, composed of four sub-regions (East & Northeast Asia, South & Southwest Asia, Southeast Asia, and Pacific) is the biggest of the Regional Sections in UCLG with linkages to more than 7,000 local governments. It represents well over 3.76 billion people - making up more than half of the world’s population, and incorporates economically fast developing countries such as China, India, and Indonesia.

Taichung City Government is affiliated to the East & Northeast Asia Sub-region as an active member of both the Regional Council and Executive Bureau for 2018-2020.

  • Date : 2019-08-16
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