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Romanization of Taichung's top 50 Main Roads

Currently, Taichung city uses the Hanyu Pinyin system of romanization on roadsigns.  Some signs, however, still retain older Wade-Giles and MPSII romanization.  Further complicating matters, many signs are simply misspelled.  Some counties and cities around the island use the alternative Tongyong Pinyin.  To help clarify the situation, the Compass Magazine map includes all three romanization systems for major roads. 

Below are a list of the top 50 main roads in Taichung city in Hanyu Pinyin, with a few common alternative names noted.  These are roads from the 'original Taichung City' prior to the city and county merger.  Some or many of the county and city roads that are contiguous (and there are many) may have their names rationalized to one name. 

NOTE: when speaking Chinese, road is 'Lu' (pronounced 'Loo') and street is 'Jie' (pronounced 'jyeh')
  Anhe Road 安和路
Beitun Road 北屯路
Chongde Road 崇德路
Dadun Road 大墩路
Daya Road 大雅路
  Daye Road 大業路
Dongshan Road 東山路
Fuxing Road 復興路 / 福星路
Gongyi Road 公益路
Guoguang Road 國光路
  Henan Road 河南路
Huanzhong Road 環中路
Jianxing Road 健行路
Jiancheng Road 建成路
Jingceng Road 精誠路
  Jingming 1st Street 精明一街 (Alt: 'Tea Street')
Jinhua Road 進化路
Jinhua North Road 進化北路
Jingwu Road 精武路
Liming Road 黎明路
  Meicun Road 美村路
Minquan Road 民權路
Minsheng Road 民生路
Qinghai Road 青海路
Sanmin Road 三民路
  Shizheng Road 市政路
Shuangshi Road 雙十路
Shuinan Road 水湳路
Songzhu Road 松竹路
Sun Yat Sen Freeway 中山高速公路 (Alt: Freeway 1)
  Taiyuan Road 太原路
Taizhong Road 台中路 (Alt: Taichung Road)
TaizhongGang Road 台中港路 (Alt: 'Harbour Road')
Xiangshang Road 向上路
Wenxin Road 文心路
  Wuquan Road 五權路
Wuquan West Road 五權西路
Xitun Road 西屯路
Xueshi Road 學士路
Yingcai Road 英才路
  Yishu Street 藝術節 (Alt: 'Art Street')
Zhenxing Road 振興路
Zhonghua Road 中華路
Zhongming Road 忠明路
Zhongming South Road 忠明南路
  Zhongqing Road 中清路
Zhongshan Road 中山路
Zhongzhang Expressway 中彰快速公路
Zhongzheng Road 中正路
Ziyou Road 自由路
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  • Publish Date: 2015-02-11
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