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TRA Rail Links to Taichung

TRA Rail Links to Taichung
TRA Rail Links to Taichung

TRA (Taiwan Rail Administration) Rail Links to Taichung


NOTE: for information on High Speed Rail (HSR) links to Taichung, visit that page in this section.
Getting to and from Taichung by train is a snap.  Trains run from as early as 5 in the morning to around midnight.  You can book all your tickets online as well as get train times and learn about the history of Taiwan's railways at their English site listed below.  Taiwan's trains are clean and prompt.  Make sure you arrive at the train station on time.  On weekends, allow extra time for buying tickets as the lines will be long and seating will be limited.  If you are going long distances, the fast train is recommended.  If you are just going to the next county or within the same city, you should take the electric train as the faster trains speed through the smaller stations without stopping.


Helpful Hints:


1.Make sure you are waiting on the correct platform.  Many people new to taking the train find themselves watching their train depart from a neighboring platform.


2.If you are looking to save some time and money and don't mind standing, you can purchase tickets from the vending machines outside the train stations.  You usually dont have to wait in line but beware the tickets will not have seat numbers.  You may sit in any open seat until someone asks you to get up or stands next to you looking awkwardly at you and then at their ticket.


3.They do sell simple lunch boxes and water on the train so if you are running late, you can always grab a bite to eat on the train.


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