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Fongyuan Bus

  • Date: 2018-11-12
  • Issued by: Transportation Bureau

Customer Service: 0800-034175
Website (Chinese only)
Fengyuan Stop 46, Sanmin Rd., Fengyuan District (04) 2524-6603
Dengshi Stop: 488, Fengshi Rd., Dengshi District (04) 2587-2043
Dajia Stop: 12, 1-2F, Guangmin Rd., Dajia District (04) 2687-2151
Taichung Downtown-Fengyuan-Dengshi-Heping (Guguan Hot Spring, Daxueshan Forest Recreation Area)
Taichung Downtown-Taiping (Toubiankeng Bat Cave)
Taichung Downtown-Shalu-Wuqi
Fengyuan-Shengang-Qingshui (Taichung Downtown International Airport (CCK))-Shalu-Longjing-Dadu
Fengyuan-Shengang-Qingshui-Shalu-Wuqi (Taichung Downtown Port)
Fengyuan-Dengshi-Heping (Lishan Scenic Area)
Fengyuan-Houli-Qingshui-Dajia (Tiejhanshan Scenic Area)
Fengyuan-Daya- Taichung Downtown
Fengyuan-Shihgang (Shihgang Dam)-Dengshi (Dengshi Forest Recreation Area)
Fengyuan-Fengyuan (Gonglaoping Scenic Area)
Fengyuan-Tanzi-Taichung Downtown- Dali (Children's Art Museum)-Wufeng (Memorial Garden of Taiwan Provincial Consultative Council)-Caotun-Nantou
Dengshi- Xinshe (Xinshe Coffee Garden District)-Taichung Downtown (Dakeng Hiking Trails); Lishan Scenic Area - Wuling Farm
For further details of their bus routes, please refer to their official website:


Bus street map of Taichung City

  • Date : 2015-02-11
  • Hit: 160