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2012 Rock in Taichung Festival: Rock’n Love

2012搖滾臺中  Rock’n Love
2012搖滾臺中 Rock’n Love
I still got people I love, a rock band, and some money in my pocket. Even if the world ends tomorrow, I still live the life the way I live.
-- from Attitude by the band 1976

Even if you are busy living your life in the big city, there are still some adorable sounds and music that remind you the dream and love we have deep down in our hearts and to care our society. This year’s Rock ‘n Love Taichung will remind you why you love music and life.

Before the summer ends, a rock music party will be held on September 1 and 2 at Fulfillment Amphitheater. It doesn’t matter that you know almost nothing about rock music, or you’ve never been to this event before, we welcome everyone to this music festival!

Search “搖滾臺中” on Facebook or call 02-27785690 or 04-22289111, Ext. 25422.

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