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Cultural City--Taichung

Cultural City--Taichung


Taichung has always enjoyed the fame of being honored as a cultural city, blooming with literature and educational activities and has channeled its energy in promoting cultural advancement. In 1976, entrepreneur Mr. Yong He donated a cultural centre to the city and became the first pioneer in cultural center establishment in Taiwan’s history.


In Autumn 1979, central government launched a new plan for “Twelve Major Infrastructure” and began building one cultural center for each county and city. In response to the policy, Taichung city commenced large-scale construction in August, 1980 and opened the Da Dun Cultural Center in November, 1983. Later on, as for the benefits of children and in bringing leisure and education to kids, Taichung built and opened its Children’s Hall on Children’s Day in 1987.


In order to add performing arts to the cultural experiences of its residents, Taichung opened Zhong-Shan Hall at Zhong-Zheng Park on April 1, 1989. The theatre auditorium consists of 1,658 seats and was the largest theatre in central Taiwan before the opening of Fulfillment Amphitheatre.


In 2002, Cultural Affairs Bureau was upgraded from Sub-central Government Division to Sub-Central Government Entity. When Taichung County and City government merged on December 25, 2010, it was then formally named as Cultural Affairs Bureau of Taichung City.


In an effort to become an “international, cultural and economic” city, Taichung invested 5 years building a large-scale outdoor theatre that wove well with its surrounding park. Fulfillment Amphitheatre, with its 6029 seats (8971 extra seats on the open lawn), is currently the best multi-functional venue in Taichung and has been hosting numerous world-class performances. It has become an indispensable engine driving the “cultural economy” and making Taichung the “Vienna in the Oriental”.


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