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Functions and Responsibilities

Division of Cultural Resources:
1.Regional cultural galleries: Counseling of museums and collaborative platforms; planning and execution of operation funds
2.Taichung Military Dependents’ Village Cultural Festival; Military Dependents’ Village Volunteers ; Shuangshi Cultural and Life Circle
3.Execution and community empowerment: Promotional office; Taichung International Food Culture Festival
4.Community empowerment point: community empowerment center; Bailung Canal Cultural Festival
5.Folk festivals; small sum subsidy to district offices
6.Small sum subsidy to literary and arts activities; Floral Expo creative cultural products development; Floral Expo volunteers
7.Creative cultural industry expo; lacquered wood craft exhibition in Floral Expo; cooperation with literary and arts halls in Floral Expo (design exhibitions)
8.Integrated affairs related to creative cultural industry; arts highlight; creative culture settlements; creative cultural products development
9.Counseling and subsidy to cultural activities; research and development of creative cultural policies; creative Taichung; cultural resources and international creative cultural exchanges
10.Establishment and management of creative cultural parks; cultural tourism (cultural/Mazu bus); Mazu academic conference; Mazu benefits studies

Division of Visual Arts
1.Planning, construction, supervision, and management of visual arts environment and facilities
2.Planning and promotion of visual arts exchange activities
3.Planning and promotion of public arts in Taichung City
4.Collection and studies of visual arts materials
5.Establishment and supervision of visual arts exhibition organizations
6.Planning, counseling, and promotion of visual arts activities
7.Counseling, award, and subsidization of visual arts workers and groups
8.Planning, establishment, and promotion of visual arts committees
9.Other matters related to visual arts

Cultural Research Division
1.Cultural policy; administration principle; administration plan; stipulation of cultural asset rights and compilation of cultural works reports
2.Establishment and counseling of cultural foundations
3.Publication and promotion of literature, history, philology, and more
4.Regulations, establishment, and promotion of cultural studies committees
5.News correspondence and media marketing
6.Other cultural research affairs

Division of Performing Arts
1.Planning, construction, and management of the environment of and facilities for the performing arts
2.Planning, counseling, and promotion of performing arts activities
3.Collection and studies of performing arts materials
4.Establishment and supervision of performing arts organizations
5.Assistance, registration, counseling, and award of performers and performance groups
6.Planning and promotion of performing arts exchanges
7.Planning, establishment, and promotion of performing arts committees
8.Other matters related to the performing arts

General Affairs Office
1.Documents management
2.Offices and staff dormitory management
3.Technicians, drivers, and temporary staff management
4.Vehicles management
5.Budget and expenses management
6.Procurement and call for tenders
7.Property management
9.File management
10.Research and evaluation
11.Regulatory matters
12.General affairs
13.Information system management

Accounting Office
1.Compile annual accounts
2.Compile general accounts
3.Compile statistical data

Personnel Office
1.Management structure
2.Appointments, Dismissal, Transfer of staff
3.Qualifications screening
4.Performance evaluation
5.Rewards and punishments
7.Training and further education
8.Overseas travels
10.Pension and relief fund
11.Employee welfare
13.Registration and computerization of personnel data

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