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2013 Taichung City Mazu International Festival

The Dajia Mazu Pilgrimage, which takes place annually during the third lunar month, is regarded as not only Taiwan's most celebrated traditional religious and cultural event--with the majority of Mazu followers located in central Taiwan, but also as one of the world's three major religious festivals. In 2010, the Ministry of Culture designated the event as one of the nation's most important folk customs, essentially making it a precious Taiwanese cultural asset. Soon after that, Taichung--a "city of culture"--naturally initiated Taiwan's very first Mazu International Festival. This year, Taichung's centuries-old temples will once again coordinate, as in previous years, to maintain this cultural tradition as well as promote Mazu's compassionate practices in our society.
From February 15 to May 19 this year, a total of eight grand-scale traditional folk art performances and evening entertainment shows will be held at Jenn Lann Temple in Dajia district, Wanhe Temple in Nantun district, Lecheng Temple in Hanxi district, Haotian Temple and Chaoyuan Temple in Wuchi district, Wanxing Temple in Shengang district, Wanxing Temple in Dadu district, Jiuzhuangma in Xinshe district and Taichung City Seaport Art Center (see below).
It is highly recommended that visitors experience the "Mazu Birthday Frenzy" pilgrimage commencement ceremony at 11 p.m. on April 5 (Fri.). Right after the ceremony, the nine-day, eight-night pilgrimage will begin. Its route will cross four cities and counties, and stretch about 300 kilometers. To find out more information regarding temple-related and cultural activities, please visit our official website: http://www1.culture.taichung.gov.tw/mazu/2013/index.asp or call Taichung City Cultural Affairs Bureau at (04) 2228-9111, ext. 25405 ~25425.


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