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2013 Taichung Instruments Carnival

A city's special cultural facets are keys to its development. In Taichung, Houli district has established itself as Taiwan's "Home of Musical Instruments" and helped to encourage and cultivate major and minor cultural industries to take root and blossom. The 2013 Taichung Instruments Carnival is being organized with music performances with styles and will present the Houli's cultural "soft power" via various themed areas, including the Music Theme Hall, Musical Instruments Market, Musical Instruments Hospital, and Musical Instruments Factory. You are welcomed to visit Houli and experience the charms of the "Home of Musical Instruments" to the accopaniment of pleasant afternoon breezes at the Houli Race Course.
Event website: http://www.taichungsaxophone2013.com.tw
Phone inquiries: (02) 2711-2320, ext. 106

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  • Publish Date: 2013-08-05
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