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Santa Claus Visits Historical Taichung Prefecture Hall by 3D Light Sculpture Show

The 16-minute classical repertory theater of 3D Light Sculpture Art Exhibition, which has been screening at the Taichung Historical Taichung Prefecture Hall at 19:00,20:00, and 21:00 every Saturday night from mid-November until the year end,has been highly received by the general public. To welcome the arrival of festive season, the 3D Light Sculpture show has added some elements of “Christmas & New Year” into the video and has been screening the new version from December 14 until year end. Unlike the classic edition, this festive version has some revision on the ending portion, in which audience will see snow and stars falling down and turning out to be shining jewelry and accessories on the Christmas tree; Santa Claus riding his sleigh across the city sky and bringing in an avalanche of gifts; musical notes covered with icing sugar jumping in the air; golden ribbons intertwining themselves into a huge Christmas tree of two stories high;and Historical Taichung Prefecture Hall being covered with colored bulbs. All the scenes are meant to share with the audience the joy of Christmas and to welcome 2014.

The 16-minute 3D Light Sculpture Art Exhibition at the Historical Taichung Prefecture Hall has been winning very high acclaim. People have been flooding to the square of Historical Taichung Prefecture Hall every Saturday night.Some come with friends and others bring in his/her whole family. They pick a good viewing point, sit on the ground, and wait for the 3D Light Sculpture show to begin. Every show is fully packed with crowds and everyone enjoys theshow in a laid-back atmosphere. High praise for the 3D light sculpture show has been continually spreading in the Internet, bringing in even more viewers and making Historical Taichung Prefecture Hall a new spot to appreciate arts during the night.

The extended Christmas version of 3D Light Sculpture Show has been screening on every Saturday night from Dec. 14 until Dec. 31. In total, there will be four more shows to screen at the Historical Taichung Prefecture Hall at 19:00,20:00, and 21:00 on each of the four Saturday nights. Those interested in cultural art activities are welcomed. For more detailed information, please visit the official website at www.lutc.tw or call Tel: 04-22289111 * 25212
  • Data update: 2018-11-17
  • Publish Date: 2013-12-20
  • Source: Cultural Affairs Bureau
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