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On the Inauguration of The 3rd Taichung Mayor, Lu: Stand Firm on Air Pollution, Aim at Taichung Economic Development

Passing down the Seal
Passing down the Seal

The inauguration of the 3rd Taichung City Mayor and the announcement for the heads of organizations take place today (25). Upon receiving the  seal from previous mayor Lin Chia-lung, new Mayor Lin Xiu-yan announce the names of Deputy Mayor, Secretary-general, as well the heads of organizations. As a new mayor, Lu appreciated the contribution and efforts by Lin Chia-lung and former mayors. In the coming four years, Lu will focus on air pollution improvement. By giving out bottled clean air from Guguan, new mayor stood firmly and showed her determination to the public. What’s more, is the economic development of the city. Her politic strategy to the trade business involving store-in-the-front, factory-in-the-back, and harbor of liberty, ensures Taichung a future of rich city.


Different from the past ceremonies that took place indoor, the event was held in city hall park, supervised by Zhang Jing-sen, the Minister of State of Executive Yuan. The new team wear jeans and shirt without necktie, sitting on the ground with people, who are the real focus of the event. By declaring the beginning of the inauguration, the team will devote themselves to the city affairs;  the song “Invisible Wings” in the background conveys the message of citizen right protection by Mayor Lu with invisible wings, leading the city towards a better direction. This is the first time ever to hold an inauguration outdoor for Taichung City mayor, says Mayor Lu, because the citizen is the main focus of the ceremony. Everybody is invited to the event, as the inauguration belongs to everybody. In the future 4 years, Lu will stand next to the people with such spirit.


As per Mayor Lu, now it is very difficult for Taichung’s economy, we must unite as one towards the only goal, and that is the economic development. People should not be worried for their living, as we have good environment, talented people. In recent years, we face a city hazard, the air pollution. By choosing to hold the ceremony outdoor, we declare ourselves against it, improve it. In the following four years, the City Government will be strong and firm on the fighting against air pollution. We will not compromise for less. We need your support as our backup, for the future of cleaned, beautiful home.

Mayor Lu prepared the public participants each a special bottle filled with fresh air from Guguan, showing her determination to fight air pollution. Clean air should not be in the mountains only, but in the city as well, says Mayor Lu, it is her goal to walk in the city without masks. This special gift, a bottle of clean air from Guguan, is a reminder for the City Government to improve air quality in Taichung, make the city clean and beautiful.


Mayor also mentioned that, not only fresh air, the City Government should work with integrity, honesty. On such respect Lu will urge ethics and discipline, value people’s voice and public participation. As a mother, Lu will pay better attention to the welfare of women, the less privileged, children and the elders, ensure proper care is given out evenly.


In addition, education and culture is the foundation of Taichung’s competence. Instead of immediate result, the revenue and policies should be reinforced to enhance the education and culture of Taichung. This holds the belief of Taichung governance.


“Actions Speak Louder Than Words, Mayor Lu stresses that Taichung is everyone’s home, and people are the family. There are tons of things to be carried out, and she is honored to be able to serve the city, the people. In the future 4 years, the team will go full throttle, and it begins now.


Former Mayor Lin Chia-lung congratulated the new Mayor Lin Xiu-yan and her team, feeling completed and eased, for the team has completed a work of eight years in four, like a school boy feeling relieved when finishing the homework early; the passing down of the city development to the new mayor gives the ease feeling, while expecting continuous prosperity under the new government team.


“Taichung will always be my home!”, says Mayor Lin. While there are different choices and opinions between family members, the bottom line is we are a family. The competition between him and Mayor Lu during election is but a phase. In the future, as a citizen, he will have more free time to experience and introduce the beauty of Taichung. Lin expects people to unite for the advancement of the City, and would love to share his thoughts if there’s needs from the new government. Mayor Lin gives his best wishes to the new mayor and the team, and appreciates people’s support for his governance.


Event supervisor Zhang Jing-sen, the Minister of State of Executive Yuan, is happy to return to Taichung, where he served as deputy mayor of the City twenty years ago. Many people still serve the City, while the city affairs continue.  It was so back in the days when he was the deputy mayor, then Zhang Wen-ying, Hu Zhi-qiang, Lin Chia-lung, Lin Xiu-yan, “Taichung is growing better and stronger with time.”

The minister of State affirmed the effort and contribution of former Mayor Lin Chia-lung during past four years, the result is obvious. During campaign Lu proposed the Sunlight, the Air, and the Water as Taichung vision, expecting a bright governance and sustainable economy like the water. As a representative of Executive Yuan, Zhang brings full support and assistance from the Yuan to Lu’s governance, and expects continuous service for the people from the team of the City Government.


As per City Government, Taichung’s first ever outdoor over-green-grass inauguration chose to share the event with the people in the form of a picnic, break the distance between officials and the people by standing next to everyone. “People are the focus”, indicating the new government team will serve based on public opinion, work for the City’s future.


Different from conventional paper invitation, this inauguration is informed through e-card, Facebook, e-communication applications and emails. The event notice invites the city and important guests over internet with better effect in a more environment friendly way. The event leaves out the large space in the center for the public to come in and enjoy snacks, with performance and inauguration up on the front stage, and food stalls aside for economic development. The event invites the public to a “Better Taichung”.

  • Data update: 2019-05-14
  • Publish Date: 2018-12-25
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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